As parents of children with curly hair, we use countless tools and accessories for our children’s hair, even some that may be damaging. Unfortunately, you may be unknowingly contributing to the breakage. The tools and accessories may be things we don’t even think will be a problem, such as combs, barrettes, and rubber bands. Is your child’s hair breaking along the edges and nape and not retaining length? Consider doing away with these six tools and accessories for your little ones.


We all want to accessorize our children’s hair, but sometimes if barrettes are not used correctly, they can pull and break the ends. Small babies and toddlers are known to pull at their hair, so barrettes on the ends are not a good idea. Wait until your child is at the age where they will no longer pull on their hair, reducing the amount of breakage.

Tight headbands

I know that headbands are cute for young girls, but if too tight, they could pull strands along the hairline and cause breakage. Be mindful that hair along the edges tends to be finer and therefore more fragile than hair in other sections. Many hair accessories, including headbands, now put the recommended age range on the packaging, so that you are able to determine the correct size.

Styling combs

Different styling combs could also be the culprit that is breaking your child’s hair. Sometimes parents don’t know the proper combs that should be used for detangling versus styling. Detangling with a rat tail comb causes breakage and styling with a detangling comb will not provide polished results. The tangle tamer is an excellent tool for detangling children’s hair. Rat tail combs are used for styling and creating clean parts while detangling combs have wide teeth for gently unraveling knots.

Rubber bands

If used too tight, some rubber bands can pull the hair. They are known to pull hair too tight and strands get easily tangled around them. If you have used rubber bands on your hair before, you know that removing them can be a nightmare. There can be lent and tons of shed and broken care. Always remove with scissors to prevent more tangling and broken strands. A great alternative for rubber bands is Ouchless elastic band.

What are you favorite accessories and tools that don’t break your child’s hair?

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