If you are the mother of a naturally curly kid, consider reading books about other children with their hair type to help yours develop a healthy sense of self.

Reading to–and with–your natural kids often is very important not only for language and educational developments , but also because they shape the values and attitudes of your children. As a mother, I know that many school-aged kids have required reading, but there are other stories that are important to tell our children, as they encourage them form a unique identity and belief system. Christians may read bible passages to their kids; if you are the mother of a naturally curly kid, consider reading books about other children with their hair type to help yours develop a healthy sense of self. Here are 10 books you need to read to your little naturalista.

1. I Love My Hair

A BlackBoard Children’s Book of the Year, this one tells the story of Keyana with an aim to teach coily-haired children to feel good about their hair and heritage. Get this $6.08 paperback now.

2. Chloe’s Coily Curls 

This book is a celebration of curly hair girls everywhere and shares a story that hopes to remind us that we’re beautiful as we are. The paperback is $6.25–if you are a Kindle gal like myself, it will set you back a mere $1.25.

3. Curlies Color Too: A Coloring & Hairstyle Book For Mommy & Me

This is a great activity book for mommy and daughter. Learn to style your child’s hair while they enjoy coloring. There are other fun and educational activities that will help your kiddo learn everything from the alphabet to writing their names to learning how to count. The cost is $12.00 for paperback.

4. I Am Mixed

Join twins Jay and Nia as they explore life as children of mixed heritage. I Am Mixed is printed on 100% recycled paper which is something that the environmentalist in you can feel good about. It costs $10.58 in a hardcover and $4.49 for Kindle lovers.

5. The Adventures of Penny and the Magic Puffballs: Volume 1

Penny wanted to be able to wear her hair “down” like the other girls in her class. Then, her mom styles her hair in two puffs and the fun and adventure begins. This book is perfect for any child who is into super powers and heroes. The paperback is $12.04 and the Kindle is $9.99.

Once you learn to read, you will be forever free.

Frederick Douglass

6. Big Hair, Don’t Care

This rhyming picture book tells the story of Lola, a miniature naturalista with big hair. Despite the fact that her natural hair has caused her to lose while playing Hide and Seek, Lola manages to remain positive about its texture and therefore, showing appreciation to it for giving her individuality. Lola knows that its ok to look different from the other children in school and still feel great about yourself. Get it on Kindle for $0.99 or as a paperback for $11.63.

7. My Hair Is So Happy

This story follows Hope, Faith, Grace and Promise: four girls with natural curls of varied shapes, sizes, colors and lengths who invite us on their adventures while promising that we will discover why their hair so happy. $11.99 is for the paperback, and $7.99 is the cost on Kindle.

8. I’m a Pretty Little Black Girl (I’m a Girl! Collection”>

This story is about Mia and her friends. Everyone has different tastes and are good at different things when she realizes that being pretty is about more than what you see in a mirror. Spring $10.80 for the paperback or $9.99 on Kindle.

9. Emi’s Curly Coily, Cotton Candy Hair

This children’s book features techniques and tips for caring for natural hair with a focus on little seven-year-old Emi and her coily cotton candy hair. With a big imagination and positive talks about her hair, this book is worth a read. Get the $8.99 paperback now.

10. Dancing in the Wings

Fame! If your little one dreams of becoming a dancer one day, this story loosely based on Debbie Allen’s experiences as a young dancer is sure to become a favorite. Dancing in the wings features Sassy, a future ballerina who is willing to work hard to achieve her goals. The hardcover is $16.99 and the paperback is $6.99.

Which books have you read to your little one lately? Share below so other parents can check them out!

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