Q: I am a 3a and I am allergic to sulfates, so I cannot use lots of hair products because of the sulfates in them. I won't go into the gross details about what happens when I do but just think: worst rash possible, only under your hair!!! Anyway, I cannot find hardly any shampoos or conditioners, with no sulfates. Can you recommend anything? I am desperate; it has gotten worse as I have gotten older and it is really bad now. I have spoken to a dermatologist and the products they keep recommending have sulfates in them so I have basically given up. What can I do?

Ouidad: Sulfates are often found in shampoos to help with the cleansing process by removing dirt, oil and residues. My KRLY Kids Shampoo has a very low amount of sulphates. And the KRLY Kids Conditioner and Spray Gel do not contain sulfates so you may like to try them. Go to ouidad.com/Krly-Kids for our KRLY Kids line. And remember for shampoo: no need to use it every day. For curly hair I recommend it two or three days a week.