Can you recommend anything without sulfates?

Q: I am a 3a and I am allergic to sulfates, so I cannot use lots of hair products because of the sulfates in them. I won't go into the gross details about what happens when I do but just think: worst rash possible, only under your hair!!! Anyway, I cannot find hardly any shampoos or conditioners, with no sulfates. Can you recommend anything? I am desperate; it has gotten worse as I have gotten older and it is really bad now. I have spoken to a dermatologist and the products they keep recommending have sulfates in them so I have basically given up. What can I do?

Ouidad: Sulfates are often found in shampoos to help with the cleansing process by removing dirt, oil and residues. My KRLY Kids Shampoo has a very low amount of sulphates. And the KRLY Kids Conditioner and Spray Gel do not contain sulfates so you may like to try them. Go to for our KRLY Kids line. And remember for shampoo: no need to use it every day. For curly hair I recommend it two or three days a week.


Go to your local CVS. They have a store brand Cristophe Beverly Hills Purely Natural Daily Shampoo. No Sulfates, no fragrances, no paraban, no dyes. I'm also allergic to sulfates (makes my scalp feel like I have bugs crawling on it and WICKED dandruff) and I love this stuff. It just mildly smells like oranges. There's also a matching conditioner.

L'Oreal has just come out with a line of sulfate-free hair care products including shampoos, conditioners, and styling aids. I don't like them as well as some others, but at least you can get them at the store.

Why dont you try conditioner only washing (CO)? Conditioners have no sulphates. Find a conditioner with no silicones, because silicones often build up on hair if you do not use sulphates from time to time to clarify. Use the conditioner in the place of shampoo and massage your scalp then rinse.

Do not despair! First stop for you should be an Organic Store or Health Food Store in your neighborhood. Other chains like Whole Foods, Trader Joes -- can also carry what you seek. . There are many many sulfate free shampoos out there that would be great. While I'm not allergic I follow the CG routine that advocates against Sulfates -- Giovanni Direct, Avalon Organics, J/a/s/o/n are some of the easiest to find. Some others are: ABBA-'True Curls' 10oz : $11.25 ALFA PARF-'Splendore-Hydrate' 9oz:$15.49 ALTERNA - 'Hemp Seed & Cavier'10oz:$16.99 BROCATO - 'Splash' 10oz:$9.45 DEVA -'Curl Low Poo' 12oz:$13.50 ENJOY- all Sulfate-Free 10oz:$12.99 J BEVERLY HILLS - 'Fragile-Colour-Safe' : 12 oz : $13.05 JONATHAN - 'Moisture' 8.4oz : $20.00 KENRA - 'Platinum' 10oz : $14.40 L'ANZA -'Healing Colour Care' 8oz:$16.50 MASTEY- 'Enove Creme Shampoo' 8oz:$9.90 And of course -- Conditioners have NO Sulfates and can often do the job of cleansing your hair & keep in the softness and moisture for healthy hair.

you can use shampoo bars or look for all natural shampoos and conditioners. you can find these products at your local health food stores.