The cooler temperatures are upon us and you may be noticing some changes in your child’s skin, bodies and hair too.

The effects of cooler weather and less humidity are usually welcomed by curls, but, they too may take some time to transition into a new pattern. Arranging for a healthy bed time routine can make it easier for you, and your child, to keep after their curls.

Adjusting your bed time routine for the change in weather can be a challenge, but keeping up with it will, in the long run, make thing easier for you and your child.

As you create your routine, if your child is old enough, talk to them about why you’re making a routine, or making changes to an existing one. Let them be part of your conversation and planning.

Steps for good night (easy morning”> curls:

  1. Clean your child’s hair up with a good cut or trim. Ask your stylist for suggestions if you need help with an easy to keep style for your child.

  2. Use a child-friendly shampoo and conditioner. Visit CurlMart for suggestions on natural, non-toxic products. Be sure not to “overwash” – you may only need to shampoo on every other night and continue to condition and add moisture to your child’s hair as you see needed.

  3. Detangle when your child is in the tub. Use a wide-tooth comb on their wet locks to make it easier and tear free. If your child is a little older, show them what to do as you work product into their hair and detangle.

  4. If you notice dry ends or scalp, try some leave in conditioner.  There may also be a favorite leave-in spray that can be easier to apply for younger ones.

  5. Once they’re out of the bath, add a favorite gel or styling product in moderation. Try a little less than you would normally use as there may be less humidity in the air and less need for heavier (or more”> products.

  6. Like you may do with your own curls, you the “plopping” method with a wet towel to slightly dry their hair afterwards.

  7. You may want to wrap their hair in a silk scarf to sleep, or try a satin pillow case for them to sleep on at night – there are some great colors and patterns for kids – they’ll love having a “special hair” pillow case!

Have patience. Routines are periods of time where patience is well tested. See what works for you, and what doesn’t. But within just a few short weeks you’ll have a routine that works for you and your child.


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