Brown Babies, Pink Parents

2010-07-22 09:07:11

Brown Babies, Pink Parents

Introducing our new transracial family blogger

Welcome to my blog! I hope you will stop by often and regularly to follow the amusing drama of one white lady combing the hair of three little girls on a regular basis. I am the lucky mother of a trio of brown beauties, each of whom has her own special character and curl. Learning to comb hair is the parenting skill I am most proud of because it wasn’t easy to learn. As a matter of fact, I would love to find a way to incorporate it into my resume!

I relied on the kindness of both strangers and friends alike to learn the artful skill of caring for my children’s hair. It didn’t come easily and took a tremendous amount of practice, but it was worth every minute. I love it when black mothers ask me, “Who did her hair?” and I can honestly answer, “I did!” These are shining moments for any transracial family. I have a creative freedom in styling my children’s hair that I find thrilling. I often tell my girls, “Look at Mommy’s hair. This is all I can ever do with it, but I can do a million different things with your hair.”

My hair story began in 2003 when I became a mother for the first time. I was sitting behind my desk in the office where I worked as a travel agent when I received the call our baby was on her way. My partner and I had recently completed the lengthy process of becoming foster parents in hopes of adopting a child. When the call came and I was told, almost as an afterthought, that the baby was black, my immediate thought was “What will I do with her hair?” Fortunately, she was only 6 months old and had very little hair. Hair is huge when you talk about black hair! I had a lot to learn.

I have parented a dozen children over the years as a foster parent and am now the forever mother to Madison, McKenzie, and Morgan. What I have learned about raising children of a different race could fill the state of Texas. It would have been great to have another mom or a girlfriend share some secrets with me about what works and what doesn’t, but I didn’t have that luxury. Instead, I made my fair share of mistakes, talked to almost anyone who could teach me something, and read every book I could find on black hair and culture. This is the reason I wrote the book "Brown Babies Pink Parents"— to help other families like mine. (The book will be published in August; look for more information in this blog soon.)

So here I am with you, sharing the stories of my family and answering any questions I can. I am not a professional hair stylist and I don’t claim to be any kind of expert. I am simply a mother in the trenches of parenthood. On a weekly basis, I create an assembly line of hair in my living room where I comb, oil, and style hair that has been washed and conditioned by my partner, Kim. Sometimes “Salon de Mommy” is like trying to choreograph cats. At other times, you would swear my living room was a scene out of "Beauty Shop." There is usually popcorn involved, possibly a Disney movie, and countless pony tails, puff balls and twists.

I am thrilled to have this opportunity to share some thoughts with you. I hope I can make you laugh, give you some new ideas, pass on some lessons, and maybe even open an eye or two. More importantly, I hope to remind every reader they are not alone in whatever hair scenario you call your own.

Amy Ford

Amy Ford

Congratulations Amy on your blog and new book!!! This is such a blessing to have people like you and Kim that are willing to open their hearts to adopt children of other races. I can just picture your living room, beauty shop ritual. :) I look forward to reading more of your blogs and the up coming book.
i love this story. im gonna get that book !
I love this story!!! I sent it to my sister-in-law who has adopted two beautiful girls. One of them has very kinky hair and I'm certain that as a pink parent with a brown baby, this story will speak to her.
Kudos to you pink momma. I'm a brown mommy with a brown baby who decided to go natural so it's sad to say but I grew up with my hair being relaxed and did the same to hers which makes it more manageable. However, we have gone natural and it's been a fun journey. I do have nieces and nephews of mixed races and now I'm able to help with their hair issues. I look forward to your book so I can recommend it to them. And thanks for being a wonderful mom to kids he need the love no matter what color.
I love the blog!!! Keep up the good work. Fellow Mt. Sinai Parent.
You have a wonderful and beautiful family and I love your spirit!! Oh and can you do my hair too since I am new to going natural and trying to style it. Sooooo much work now. Good Luck and I will buy your book. It is the only way I can offer any support. :)
I am a natural hair stylist: Tree Braids- and have had many calls from White Mothers of Black Children that need help with maintainance and styling. It is about time someone from your point of view came out with a book. On the styling point of view, my DVDs are coming out starting this August. Site:
LOVE the name brown babies, pink parents!!! Congrats on the new book and blog. What a beautiful family u have there!
Great blog. You have a beautiful family!
Wow Kacy1231! That is exactly the reason I wrote Brown Babies Pink Parents - to help other families like ours! I would love to hear more of your story. Stay in touch! Changes2010 - I think your friend will love the help the book provides. Stay in touch and I will be happy to sign it for you!
LOL! My very IRISH friend, adopted a black newborn who is now 1. The hair issue will be a serious challenge eventually. Right now she is fortunate that one of the assistants at her daycare loves to braid her hair, and it usually lasts all week. I'm black but am not a fan of the way they do her hair, I don't like to see kids with 20 little plaits and multiple colored barrettes but I keep my comments to myself since she thinks it's adorable, I suspect the truth is that she has no clue how to deal with her hair and is happy to have someone else take care of it. I will certainly be purchasing your book for my friend :-)
i love this so much because this is my family (i'm black and so is my brother and we have white parents) I know my mother would have loved to have this woman around when I was little lol !