This month, many kids will be heading off to camp, looking forward to weeks of swimming, horseback riding and canoeing.

While you're labeling your clothes and packing your sunscreen, make sure you've developed a plan to keep your ringlets looking their best. We asked 10-year-old veteran curly camper Alexa from Texas to share some of her top tips.

The key is to keep it simple and fun with the right products and styling tips for the great outdoors.

If at all possible, keep your curls longer. That provides you with more options. If you want to get a haircut, make sure you talk to your stylist before the cut to communicate what exactly you are looking for — a short wash-and-wear curly cut or a trim that provides different styling options.

Make sure you're stocked up on the right products to deal with the demands of an active camper. If you shampoo every day, make sure the cleanser you choose is gentle. Alexa's favorites are Beyond The Zone Noodle Head Curly Hair Shampoo (it helps her curls stay soft, full and untangled) and Ion Anti-Frizz Smoothing Shampoo (It helps smooth her curls, zaps her frizz and makes it easier to detangle).

Curl defining conditioner

Ion Curl Defining Conditioner


Beyond the Zone Noodle Head Leave-In

For swimmers, you might want to buy a bathing camp. However, if wearing a swim cap doesn't fit into their summer fashion style, make sure to drench your hair with water before you enter a pool, lake or ocean, and coat your hair with a good conditioner or leave-in conditioner. Applying a conditioner to your hair will fill up the gaps in your hair shaft and act as a barrier to the chlorinated water. Alexa recommends Ion Curl Solutions Curl Defining Conditioner and Beyond The Zone Noodle Head Curly Hair Conditioner or Beyond the Zone Noodle Head Leave-in Conditioner. They also help make detangling a snap!

Make sure you rinse your hair with water after swimming. You might want to include a clarifying shampoo in the mix that removes chlorine and saltwater, such as Ion Anti-Chlorine Swimmers Shampoo.

Curl Solutions Curl Defining Shaping Crème

Ion Curl Solutions Curl Defining Shaping Crème

Don't forget the styling products, which can make life a lot easier by defining curls and fighting frizz. Alexa's favorites are Beyond The Zone Noodle Head Curling Cream, Beyond The Zone Noodle Head Curl Boosting Spray, Curl Solutions Curl Defining Shaping Crème and Ion Anti-Frizz Gel Styling Mist.

The right styles can take the angst out of your camp experience. Ponytails and braids are always a cute, easy option. Or pull the hair back with clips or a bandana. The time to experiment with styles is before you go to camp, such as on the weekends or in the evenings. That gives you plenty of time to learn how to braid your hair! Practice with a few friends! And don't forget to have fun!