Q: My 3-year-old daughter's hair has really started growing out and curling up more and more. I'm not sure what products are good on kids. It seems like we are stuck in ponytail mode. Her curls tend to get really dry toward the middle/end of the day. We both suffer from massive bed head in the morning even with the satin pillow case. It just sticks to our heads. Any ideas?

Cozy: I often recommend sleeping with a loose pony on top of the head. This helps solve two problems — bedhead and tangles. I would also recommend a good-leave in conditioner for the dried-out hair. You should try So Cozy Fruity Delight spray leave-in conditioner. You can use this in the morning to re-invigorate curls and to keep hair hydrated. This is also a great product to use on the go for touch-ups and for hair re-hydration during the day.

curly haired kids

Q: My 9-year-old is really self conscious about her curly hair. She wears her hair the same way every single day because she's afraid that trying something new will only end in disaster. Right now, she showers in the morning, brushes her hair and puts a headband in it. Then she applies a big helping of hair product. She says it stays really crunchy until about noon, but grows throughout the day until it's huge and frizzy by the time she gets home from school. Any suggestions to help her feel some sense of control over her curls?

Cozy: All 9-year-old girls are so self-conscious about their hair. It’s so normal. The problem for your daughter is that she hasn’t yet learned the right way to control her hair. The worst thing you can do to curly hair is to brush it! It unsettles the cuticle and actually causes hair to look frizzy and fuzzy. Instead, encourage her to try this regimen. If she tries it on a weekend she’ll have more time to play around with different options and she’ll have no worries about going to school with her new look. Rather than brushing her hair when she comes out of the shower, she should comb out her hair in the shower with a wide-tooth comb with conditioner in it. After the shower, squeeze out excess water and scrunch in an alcohol-free styling Gel (try So Cozy Groovy Grape), distributing it evenly around the head. Let the hair dry naturally. Natural curls will settle and hair will not get frizzy. It may take some getting used to, but after a couple of weeks, her hair will settle into its own natural rhythm.

Q: My daughter has 3a, one-length hair. What do you think about bangs and curly hair? She's ready for a change, and thinks bangs would be fun. But with all her curls and cowlicks, I'm not so sure it's a good idea.

Cozy: Bangs can be very tricky for curly girls, especially if she has cowlicks too. The bangs shrink up and can be very unpredictable. Rather than jump into bangs, perhaps she should consider a graduated cut on the sides. That is a nice alternative because it frames the face and isn’t so severe.

Q: My 3b daughter wants long hair so badly. Right now, it's about shoulder length when it's dry. Is there anything she can do to help speed up the hair growth process? And do you have style suggestions she can wear as she's waiting for it to grow longer?

Cozy: I never understood this myself, but trimming the hair consistently really does help it to grow faster! Just a slight trim regularly will keep the hair healthy and encourage it to grow faster. As for styles, wearing the sides up is a great in-between option.

Q: My 3-year-old daughter can't sleep without waking up looking like a wild animal. So basically, unless we're willing to wash it the next day or pull it back in a ponytail, it looks like a total mess. Any tips to avoid bed head?

Cozy: I recommend wearing a loose pony to bed. It will keep hair from getting knotty and will help keep it under control, preventing bed head and other “wild” looks. If you still need a little touch-up even after the pony, try a little So Cozy Kooky Kiwi Styling Cream. That will help control and defrizz hair, yet keep it natural-looking, shiny and soft.