Q: My daughter has wavy hair to the middle of her back, so the weight pulls it out. She told me last night she wants it just below her shoulders, and I thought maybe we can experiment with encouraging the waves. Any suggestions? She wants to shower and do her own hair, so I want to come up with a routine that will be easy for her.

Cozy: I think it’s great for children to be involved in their own grooming from an early age. This will be the foundation for proper grooming for the rest of her life! You didn’t mention her age, so I can’t comment specifically on how involved she can be but you will know what she is capable of. I recommend a light styling cream for your daughter's wavy hair. Anything that’s too heavy will weigh it down and discourage the wave. Try “scrunching” So Cozy Kooky Kiwi Styling Cream into her hair after bathing. Let her hair dry naturally. Do not brush it because it causes frizz and prevents the curls from setting.

Q: My 1-year-old is a 3c at the root and a 4a going down. What products would you suggest to define her curls and detangle them? I wasn't sure what's safe for a 1 year old.

Cozy: The perfect product for your daughter’s hair is So Cozy Fruity Delight Detangler & Leave-In Conditioner. You can “scrunch” into dry hair when you need to refresh her curls and remove the frizz (like when she wakes up in the morning) or “scrunch” in wet hair after bathing to help define the curls. It’s totally safe and very easy to use. I recommend spraying into your hands and then scrunching for a young child. It will be easier for your daughter.

Q: My mother insists on combing and brushing my daughter's curly hair. I've told her many times that it's not good for curly hair, and she's not hearing me and she's going and asking other people. She says, "I asked them and their baby has long hair and it's brushed." She just doesn't get it. She says my cousin had pretty hair, but her hair was really frizzy because she brushed it all the time. And she tells me she doesn't care what I say because she's still going to do it. Any advice?

Cozy::Us moms always think we know best! Perhaps you can teach your mom by example. Take a picture of your daughter’s hair done the way you like it (without brushing) and one the way you don’t like it (frizzy from brushing). Maybe your mom will change her mind when she sees the proof. I must tell you that you are right about not brushing her hair. Frizzy hair is caused by a ruffled cuticle. Brushing curly hair definitely ruffles the cuticle, hence the frizz. Tell your mom!

Q: My daughter is 4 years old and has 3b curls. When her curls are clean and tangle free, they are beautiful — bouncy, tight ringlets. But how can I keep her hair from getting so tangled when she sleeps and when she is in the car seat? It seems like the hair in the back of her head gets so tangled so quickly. It loses its curl and looks very messy. The front, sides, and underneath don't fare as badly.

Cozy: A great tried-and-true trick I recommend is putting in a loose braid before bed or long car trips. This helps the hair stay detangled. An added benefit is that it can add a nice wave when you take out the braid in the morning..

Q: My young daughter cut her own hair about four months ago. She did it with her cute little round-tip preschool safety scissors. I still am surprised that she would do that!! She pretty near scalped the sides of her head — cutting upwards right near the scalp from her cheeks to her ears — on both sides. She also took some chunks out of the back. Thankfully, with her curly hair, no one has probably even noticed her hack job. (I can't imagine what it would have looked like if she had straight hair!) Thankfully, the top was pulled back in a clip so she didn't give herself a complete mullet. So, now that the sides have grown back somewhat (still not enough to pull into a hair clip), I am wondering if I should get the back layered a bit to make the transition less noticeable. I also wonder if cutting the top layer of the back a bit shorter would make the tangle problem easier to cope with. As her hair has grown longer, the hair seems to straighten at the root and curl on the ends, especially if not freshly combed out. Yet I don't want to cut her hair so that she looks like a poodle, either. Any suggestions?.

Cozy:This is such a common problem! It seems that nearly every child goes through this at some point. You are lucky that it hasn’t been that noticeable! It’s tricky to grow out hair like this. I recommend hair clips or headbands when possible to camouflage the uneven hair. I also recommend that you take your child to a professional stylist for a consultation to find out what your options are. It’s too difficult to recommend a haircut without seeing the hair. Good luck!