Q: Do you have recommendations on what to use on a 4-month-old baby with extremely dry scalp and skin? He is constantly scratching his poor head.

Cozy: I recommend that you discuss skin and scalp problems with a doctor. This doesn’t sound like an issue relating to the baby’s hair.

Q: My daughter is 2 1/2 years old and is a 4b. I've tried a variety of products on her hair in order to achieve various pigtails, ponytails and knotted styles, but I there are times when I want for her scalp to rest. What is a good product to use when her hair is wet to achieve great curl definition and reduce shrinkage so that her curls can hang loose?

Cozy: You need a great alcohol-free styling gel like So Cozy Groovy Grape Styling Gel. Just as important as the product is the way that you use the product. After bathing, wring out the excess moisture from hair. Do not brush or comb hair. Scrunch in a generous amount of gel evenly throughout her hair. Let her hair dry naturally or use a diffuser. After doing this a few times, her hair will get used to drying with the natural curl definition.

Q: My little girl is 2 years old, and the last few times I have washed her hair, so much hair comes out. Is this normal? It is pretty tangled, but I never comb through it without the conditioner in it, and I ordered the wide-tooth comb from this website.

Cozy: A small amount of hair loss is normal, but if you think her hair loss is more than normal, you should definitely talk with her doctor. If she is losing the hair when you are detangling, you should re-evaluate your detangling techniques. Using a wide-toothed comb with conditioner is a great way to detangle. Just make sure that you are sectioning hair into 1-inch segments and starting from the bottom of the hair strand. Work one inch at a time, moving up as you go, gradually working your way around the head.

Q: My daughter has curly hair and it tangles so easily. What products do you suggest?

Cozy: For extremely tangled hair, I recommend So Cozy Lucky Lime Pre-Detangler. This product was designed to be used in the tub with a wide-tooth comb. Apply a liberal amount after shampooing and then section hair into 1 inch segments. Starting from the bottom of the hair strand, work one inch at a time, moving up as you go, gradually working your way around the head. For detangling between baths, use So Cozy Fruity Delight Detangler on wet or dry hair. Just remember to start at the bottom of the hair strand and to work in small sections.

Q: After one year at school, my 6-year-old daughter totally hates her hair. How can I give her back her self esteem?

Cozy: Accepting yourself the way you are is a problem for most people, and unfortunately it is occurring at such an early age these days. My advice is the same for your daughter as it is for all people. Learn to appreciate yourself for who you are! As her mom, it is important for you help her learn this lesson.. You can help her learn to appreciate her hair by working with her to style her hair in a way that she will fell good about it. I have very vivid memories of spending hours and hours blow drying my curly hair straight as a kid. Then, the minute I would walk outside in humid weather, frizz! I wish that I had learned how to embrace my curls then, rather than always worrying about my hair frizzing and feeling self conscious about it.

Q: This summer, my 7-year-old will be going from camp to camp — horseback riding, swimming, etc. — and her long curls tend to get tangled easily. What are some products, styles, etc. that can help make all of our lives easier. We don't want to cut it short because it's actually more difficult to deal with.

Cozy: Don’t cut her hair! Long hair can be much easier than short hair. Before she leaves for camp, practice a few different easy styles that she will be able to manage. Try ponies, pigtails and possibly even a loose braid, if you think she can manage it. Perhaps she can learn how to braid and teach others so they can braid each other’s hair! One last trick: sleeping with a loose pony or braid will prevent tangles that happen during sleep.

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