Curly Girl: The Handbook

Curly Girl: The Handbook

The response to "Curly Girl: The Handbook" since it came out in January has been amazing. We’ve gotten lots of press, have been the number one best-selling beauty/fashion book on Amazon for weeks and weeks and Lorraine is currently on a 15-city book tour tending to the waves, corkscrews and ringlets of curly girls across the country. I love hearing the stories about these events and seeing the photos. And I love the posts on our Facebook page where women have realized how beautiful their hair is after meeting Lorraine or reading the book—or both.

What I love most is the response we’ve gotten from the youngest girls in the curly set, telling us how the book has truly changed their hair and as a result their lives. This really touches me because I, like many of us curlies, spent so much of my childhood and teen years feeling less than and ugly thanks to my strands. I was teased and felt different for years—well into adulthood.

One 13-year-old girl wrote telling us that she’s been overweight and lacked confidence her whole life. She’s been teased and taunted at school for years. But since reading the book, her curls look amazing. She said girls who used to tease her about her weight and “Brillo hair” now stop her at school asking if they can touch her hair. They want to know how she got it that way. As a result, this inspired her to exercise and join a weight loss program and she’s lost ten pounds!

She said she has confidence for the first time EVER. I also got an email from a third-grade curly girl whose mother has straight hair. “My mom finally knows how to make my hair look good. She didn’t understand before, but now she does because of the book. Thank you,” she wrote. Weeks later, I got a second email, this time from the girl's mother, who said that a girl at school told her daughter, “Your hair would be pretty if it were straight.” The little girl came home and told her mom how funny this was because now she loves her curls. I only wish I could have felt that way growing up. At least things are starting to change for the latest generation of curly girls—one wave, corkscrew and ringlet at a time!

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