Dear Shari: I am starting the shampoo free routine, but have a question. I have dandruff and need to use a shampoo that will control it. What do you suggest I use that would still be sulfate-free?

A: Dandruff is considered a virus and you would need to consult with a physician to determine if this is really the case. Make sure you actually have dandruff and not just dry scalp or product build-up from styling aids that are not Deva. (Deva will never build up on the hair or scalp because it is a water-soluble product line). If you do have the dandruff virus, unfortunately your doctor will want to prescribe a medicated shampoo for the scalp. If you feel you must this medicated product, then I suggest following immediately with DevaCurl No-Poo. DevaCurl No-Poo will replenish lost moisture that dandruff shampoos remove.

Dear Shari: I am writing because recently (for about 7 months) I have noticed my curly hair (full of ringlets) has started to straighten out. I cut my hair, thinking it was just to heavy, but I am still having this problem, except for it mainly is the bottom layer that is straightening out. My normal hair would look identical to Lorraine Massey, but now it seems like the top layers are the same, but the bottom layers are almost just wavy (more like the Sarah Jessica Parker kind) What should I do to fix this? I have no clue what to use in my hair. I just want my old hair back!

A: If you have never used DevaCurl before, now is the time. Sometimes trauma or stress, pregnancy and menopause can cause this to happen. One way to see if you can get your curls to spring fourth again is to follow the Deva 3-Step approach:

1. Cleanse with DevaCurl No-Poo cleanser

2. Condition with One Condition.

3. Style with any Deva styler for maximum hydration such as Set It Free or AnGEL. Watch our 3-step video on and learn how to scrunch and style your curls. The key is moisturize, moisturize and moisturize!

Dear Shari: I have naturally wavy hair. Though I think of it as tight waves. I've been straightening them for some years now but I want to rock out my natural waves.

The thing is that I've tried to classify my hair according to the hair types suggested but my hair doesn't seem to fit any.

I was also advised in the salon not to straighten my hair any more because it has become quite brittle. If I want to have it straightened I have to get a rebond and not just a simple relax.

What specific haircut could you suggest that would be best for my weird hair type? Something that is low maintenance.

A: I am glad that you realized that straightening is not the answer. The best cut for you is angling the sides without too much layering at the base, but rather, more elevating on the top so that the hair doesn't hang so heavy. An authentic Deva cut will do the trick. We cut the hair dry, in its natural form, curl by curl. Then you must infuse as much botanically derived moisture as possible to nourish thirsty curls, which will then reduce frizz and dehydration. While the curls are drying, take a clip and anchor the bottom of the curl to weigh it down. This will give you a more elongated and looser curl without having to resort to a chemical to do the job. And voila, there you have it! Low maintenance , beautiful, shiny and frizz free curls!

Dear Shari: I have had wavy hair most of my life. But after losing my hair twice in two years due to cancer and chemotherapy, I now have curly hair! I don't have the energy to spend much time on it! I have been blow drying my bangs straight on my forehead and mostly air-drying the rest. It is still short, but kind of just looks frizzy with curls. I just run a brush through it and wear a baseball cap . . . every day! Any products that could help me with a no-fuss style so I can stop wearing a hat everywhere? Since my hair is now growing so slowly, I haven't found the trust in anyone to cut it! I have had a friend do a small trim a few times. My hair is now thinner than it used to be, more so on one side than the other! Funds are limited, too, as I am no longer able to work.

A: The beauty of the DevaCurl philosophy is that we teach our clients to be self-sufficient. Low maintenance is possible with just a few easy steps.

1. I suggest you do not cut your hair for at least six months. Just let it be.

2. Stop using a brush—it sounds as if you are giving your hair two personalities—if you want to be low maintenance, stop the brushing madness!

3. Try using just conditioner on the scalp and ends for a month. I promise your curls will begin to coil and the frizz will disappear.

4. Use Set It Free as a styler to continue to nourish thirsty curls and keep the frizz at bay.