Curly Nikki Interviews Joey Mazzarino

2010-11-11 08:51:45

Curly Nikki Interviews Joey Mazzarino

We talk to the creator of the "Sesame Street" I Love My Hair segment

Jasmine A. asks, 'What are your daughter's favorite hairstyles? What products are you guys using?'

She loves braids and she does what Willow Smith does and she 'whips them back and forth'! She whips them around like crazy.

On Halloween, she went as Princess Tiana. So we found a picture of her and created a similar hairdo. She loved that. She was too cute. Favorite products? Carols Daughter Princess Tiana line is our current favorite, mainly because it has Princess Tiana on the bottle and my daughter loves her. We're also loving the Loc Butter, so yeah, we mostly use a lot of Carol's Daughter in my house.

Naterra asks, 'If your daughter gets older and asks for a perm, how will you and your wife react to that?'

That's an interesting question, and I honestly have no idea. I take it day by day and I want her to love who she is. I don't know how I'm going to handle any of the tough questions that will come up, like "can I pierce my ears?", "get a tattoo?"... I don't know what I'm going to say! I just want her to love herself and respect herself and be proud of who she is and hopefully she won't ask me that question. What would you do as somebody that is a big advocate of natural hair? What would you say?

Wow. I guess I'm in the same boat as you. I'll cross that bridge when I come to it! I just had a baby about 9 weeks ago. Growing up, relaxers weren't allowed in my household, so my dad made it easy [laughter]—it wasn't even an option. I guess all I can do is educate her and hope she makes good decisions.

My wife is very careful about what she puts on our daughter's skin and hair. So I think we would definitely use education—explain that the chemicals aren't good for her. She might be old enough to make her own decision by then, but we'll definitely educate her about chemicals and make sure she has the skills to care for her hair in its natural state.

What message would you like to send out to the curly community?

I'm thankful to all of the bloggers and the women who put it on their Facebook because all we want to do here is reach as many kids as we can to hear the message. So thanks to all of you for getting the message out and for letting the little girls see the video. And I just encourage anyone who has not shown it to their nieces, or their friend's kids or their kids, show it to them, even if they don't have an issue, it's important to see that they should be proud of their hair.

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Enjoyed reading that interview. That little girl is so blessed to have parents like Mr. Mazzarino and his wife.
Curly Nikki, that was a wonderful interview. Thank you for taking the time and having the interest to sit down with Mr. Mazzarino and have him share his story with us. I am 24 years old and I adore this Seasame Street clip.
Thank you Curly Nikki for the interview I saw his interview on TV but you asked questions I wanted answers to. Thank you.