tara and daughter

Dearly curly daughter of mine,

I always want you to know that…

You are beautiful and strong, and your curls are a special part of your unique beauty. I may not use the terms “princess” or “fairy” a lot, but my daughter is reminded of her natural beauty and great strength daily.

When I help her out of a bath or shower, I teach her to become aware of how her curls just pop into place – with very little effort. I do have to add, of course, that they are adorable and frame her little blue eyes to a “T”!

You can go anywhere, with a good haircut. Early on, I settled for simply trim. Now that my daughter is a big girl–yes, 6 is big to me–we go to the same stylist, someone who is trained and skilled to work with curly hair. My daughter understands that her hair is important and needs attention and care, just like the rest of her, from a professional who understands.

You are not boring, or dry, nor are your curls. Keep them clean and well nourished, just like your body. Feed and moisturize your curls, and your curls will thank you.

Ensuring that a good curl- regime is in place for my daughter has always been important. Taking time to teach her the simple things about caring for her curls isn’t just a valuable lesson, but can be a fun time too!

You will never stop learning– keep an open mind. Read labels and learn from others. Listen and make good judgements. Your hair, and body, will be appreciative.

Yes, even at six, my daughter can read basic ingredients on labels. She also knows what is good for her curls, and what isn’t. It’s never too early to introduce young ones to good hair care products and routines. Reminding her that she should always be open to new ideas and opinions, is also important in the learning process as well.

Lastly, little curly one, always be true to you. Keep your style, change it up – do what makes you happy – always.

One of the things I remind my daughter is that the words of others aren’t hers – they’re simply just other words. I encourage her to make the most of her curls any time. So if she puts fifty barrettes in her hair – great. If she wants to add a head band and a few hair clips on it too – enjoy. If she chooses two different sized pony tails – love it! She’s free to be who she is and show off her true nature – always.

I love you always,


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