Rosie DaSilva

For most curly cuties, we didn’t grow up embracing our curly hair. As kids we probably always wished we had straight hair, which lead to years of torturing our locks to make it straight. Until, most people did not have the information to embrace their curls, but how much of a difference would it have made in your own life if someone would have showed you how to embrace your girls and build your confidence in you hair when you were a child?

Devachan stylist Rosie DaSilva has been doing just that—changing the lives of children by giving them confidence in their curls. “I have a garden with flowers that I [help] grow every day—I help them bloom,” she says.

The confidence that Rosie gives children with their hair helps them blossom into individuals who understand the beauty of their unique hair and creating confidence that exudes beyond outer beauty, impacting—more importantly—inner beauty.

DaSilva was born in Brazil and she attended school in England, and once she finished, she jumped across the pond and landed in New York. Rosie has resided in New York for 17 years and has been with Devachan for 15 years. She has been styling hair for the past 20 years, and over the years Rosie saw that women were coming into the salon frustrated with their curly hair. DaSilva educated these women about what gorgeous, unique hair they have and gave them the tools to build their confidence and learn to love their curly locks.

You may think that Rosie started her work with children having been inspired by own children, but in fact, though she does have a son curly hair, he's a typical boy who's not so worried about his hair. So how did she get into helping children embrace their curls?

DaSilva started working with children when a client asked her to work with her daughter’s hair. DaSilva consulted with the child and gave her the opportunity to tell Rosie what she wanted for her hair. DaSilva says, “I take a lot of time [with the children in consultation] and you have to see the whole picture—I don’t want any miscommunication.“ DaSilva is very interactive with children, showing them how to wash their hair and care for their curly hair to keep it looking beautiful. DaSilva was not aware of the impact she had made with this little girl until the child came back to the salon, “The feedback was amazing and I wasn’t aware until she came back into the salon I saw that her charisma changed—she grew into a flower and her hair looks amazing.” DaSilva gave this child the security in her hair to open up the horizons of opportunity through her newfound confidence. The child was speaking up and giving her own friends advice on how to wash their own hair and take care of their own curls and the change did not go unnoticed by her mother.

DaSilva realized that the women who would come into her salon frustrated with their hair had grown frustrated from insecurities about their own hair stemming from when they were children.

“A lot of little girls don’t feel pretty because their hair doesn’t look like everyone else’s, and I help them transform their hair. It makes a difference in their daily life and it makes me feel so good,” says DaSilva.

DaSilva recently had a mother-daughter experience with an editor of a popular magazine and her 6-year-old daughter. The mother came to DaSilva wanting to change her straight hair back to its naturally curly state. DaSilva recognized that mothers lead by example, so not only did she restore the mom's hair back to its beautiful curl, but she also took the 6-year-old daughter under her wing and worked with her hair to create and build the self-esteem about her hair. Of this mother-daughter experience, DaSilva says, “The relationship between mothers and daughters is amazing—they talk in the same language about hair.“ DaSilva is not only building confidence in children but also bringing mothers and daughters together and helping build a bond based on curly hair.

DaSilva describes the feeling she gets when she sees how clients change and says, “Once you feel good, you can make someone else feel good.” DaSilva brings the “pay it forward” perspective into working with children and helping people embrace their curls. Not only is she making people look beautiful on the outside, but the confidence that she creates with kids and their hair makes them beautiful on the inside as well. DaSilva is helping create a new generation of confident curly cuties that will pass on their knowledge of curls to their daughters.