Surly icon Anti-curl sentiment is alive and well, and besides being barraged by the media, now I find it in all things, a children’s book distributed by Cheerios. The book, Judith Viorst’s “Super-Completely and Totally the Messiest”, is a book included free in a large box of Cheerios. I thought it would be fun to read. The book chronicles a sister’s frustration at her messy, chaotic and revolting younger sister. And guess what? In case it was missed in the illustrations, the messy sister has curly hair. Just an excerpt: “Like Sophie’s got this hair—this frizzy, fuzzy, curly hair, and it sticks out around her head like a cloud or a nest…Hey Sophie, who’s living in there—a couple of birds, a family of mice?…If you’re looking to see messy hair…just look at   Sophie.”

I’m seriously disgusted.



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