When Curly Q creator Mahisha Dellinger wanted to find out what types of products girls liked, she went straight to the source. Six girls, five parents and three pizzas later, she had an official Curly Qs focus group. The object was simple: determine what beauty products girls ages 8 to 12 like the most. In the near future, Dellinger will be adding makeup and other accessories to her Curly Q offerings. Curly Q also will be introducing its new Custard hair product this month. She learned that girls love lip gloss and body glitter. They also like fun soaps, scrubs and other types of makeup. But hair wasn’t the only topic of conversation during this gathering.

  • Other Gems:
  • Disney's "That's So Raven" show is hot.
  • Anything with glitter rocks!
  • The fragrance of a product is most important, followed by color.
  • Cell phones, iPods, cool music (translation: Black Eyed Peas) and converse are all rad gifts.