Sitting by a Lake

Have you heard the news? Santa Claus is coming to town, or so my children tell me daily. Our tree is trimmed, the gifts are wrapped, and the grandparents have booked their flights. In addition to the holiday parties and end-of-year festivities, my children are having a fabulous time selecting outfits to wear to each event. We have a beautiful collection of long sleeve shirts featuring Christmas trees, Santa Claus and reindeer. And, finally, we have the Christmas church dresses which demand Holiday Hair.

Holiday Hair is fancy hair. Holiday Hair refers to the styles I put off the rest of the year because they are too time-consuming or too complicated to do on a Tuesday. This is the season when the piper must be paid. For Madison, I will spend hours on Christmas Eve with the flat iron to create what she calls Pocahontas Hair. She loves the feel of long, straight hair hanging down her back. Her hair is so beautiful and there is so much of it! Without a doubt, she will ask me to pull the top portion back into a beautiful clip and my oldest miracle will go through the night feeling like a princess.

McKenzie recently discovered the power of the flat iron, too. While Madison has known this power for many years, I tried it out on McKenzie for the first time last month and now she is hooked. She feels grown up and beautiful with straight hair. Ironically, I have paid thousands of dollars over the years to make my hair curl, and God blesses me with three miracles covered in curls! I had planned to create dozens of two-strand twists in her hair for the holidays, but the request for the flat iron has already been made. In my opinion, two-strand twists make the greatest hairstyle no matter the length or grade of curl. You can’t go wrong with twists, but twists are for Tuesdays or other regular days.

Christmas is a magical time and the magic is not reserved for the Christmas tree alone. The magic spills over into traditions like dressing up for special celebrations and feeling beautiful in the midst of twinkling lights. With special dresses of red, green, black, and silver, holiday hair is a necessity to complete the transformation from typical Tuesday to holiday magic. Whatever you choose to do with your crown and glory for the holidays, may the wonderment of the season be alive in your heart and on your head. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from my family to yours.