Dear Cozy:

I’m looking for advice on how to determine the best way to care for my son’s curly hair. Do I try to determine his hair’s porosity, texture and type first? My main issue is how to moisturize his hair.

Dear Caring Curly:

It seems that you have already figured out your priorities! Dry, brittle hair is always a top priority. Be sure not to shampoo too often, which can dry out hair. It’s the most common mistake parents make. Shampoo twice a week. Next, be sure to use a good, creamy conditioner. My secret tip is to leave a little conditioner in on the ends, rather than completely rinsing out. This will help condition and protect hair. Of course a good spray leave-in conditioner is always helpful for dry and brittle hair. Try So Cozy Fruity Delight Leave-In Conditioner & Detangler. Kids love the fruity fragrance and parents love the paraben-free formulation!

Dear Cozy:

I have a 2-year-old daughter with soft, curly hair. Every morning we have battles with combing as during the night sleeping her hair becomes something like a cage.

We’ve been using Faith in Nature products for shampooing and Gliss Kur (Schwarzkopf”> for combing. But I’m a natural cosmetics fan and don’t want to ‘poison’ her with chemicals, additives and similar stuff. I’d be grateful if you could advise us about some natural products that can be bought in Europe.

Dear Caged Curly:

Tangles can be torture! Try to prevent them, rather than just learning how to deal with them. Be sure to put your daughter’s hair up in a loose pony or braid before bed. This will help a lot. Also, keep her hair up in pony’s or braids when she is playing and active. This, too, will help prevent tangles. I’m not as familiar with the European products, but look for formulations that are Sodium Laurel/Laureth and Paraben free. (Or please note that CurlMart ships to Hungary.”>

Dear Cozy:

My oldest inherited my curly hair, or so I thought. She is 9 and the older she gets, the straighter her hair is. I can bring out some wave in it, but what happened to the curls? Is this normal for some curlies? Her hair is down past her shoulders right now. I am considering cutting it shorter with some long layers. Her hair also tends to frizz and look unkempt as the day goes by. My two younger daughters (4 and 6″> have some waves but their hair is also much smoother.

Dear Growing Out of Curls:

It is very possible that her hair texture is changing. This happens to all of us as we go through life. Another possibility is that the cut she has is not encouraging her natural curls. If you want it curlier, long layers would be a great idea. To prevent frizz and messy-looking hair, try So Cozy Kooky Kiwi Styling Cream. You can use it on wet or dry hair. Just rub a nickel-sized amount of product through hair with fingers, being sure to evenly distribute. This will keep hair smooth and shiny. It’s ok to use as a touch-up at the end of the day if needed.

Dear Cozy:

My little sister (6 years old”> is biracial; our mom is Caucasian and her dad is from the Ivory Coast. When she was really little, her hair was great and we had no problems managing it at all, but as she gets older, it seems to get worse and worse. She REALLY wants to have long, straight hair, but her hair is fluffy and dry and curly near her scalp, but she hasn’t had a trim or a cut in a while (actually, I don’t think she’s really ever had one”> and the ends are straight and fried. I’m trying to encourage her to leave it natural, however, and we’re running into problems. My mom used to use relaxing cream on it, and she straightens it or curls it when she goes to school. As of right now, my mom uses pink lotion and this carrot cream stuff and we try leave-ins and I’ve even tried to convince my mom to start the no shampoo method with her, but nothing helps. I even tried shingling about an hour ago. Also, her hair is very thick, so it tangles REALLY EASILY.

My sister’s hair is unmanageable, and we have no idea what to do with it to make look and feel better and healthier! Help please!

Dear Tangled Curly:

As the saying goes “the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence”! I can personally relate to this. I, too, always wanted long, straight hair, but my hair had a different plan! After many, many years of blow drying my hair straight and suffering through bad hair days when there was the slightest amount of humidity in the air, i finally embraced my curly locks. What was key for me was learning how to make my curly hair look good, rather than a fuzzy, frizzy mess. I applaud you for writing on your sister’s behalf, you have already taken the first important step. You need to educate her (and yourself and your mom”> as to the best way to manage her curly locks, to enhance the curls, rather than trying to hide them! First step is a good haircut by someone who understands curly hair. The proper cut will work wonders and get rid of all the damaged hair. Discuss with the stylist product choices and options for her hair type. Hair styles that pull the hair back like poys or braids are great options for preventing tangles. For really bad tangles, use So Cozy Pre-Detangler in the bath with a wide toothed comb. This will help remove tangles with out the pain. Good luck!

Cozy Friedman


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