"It's so great to see an animated character with those curls," says Krista, the mother of curly kiddo Giselle. Krista's daughter is watching the trailer for the new movie Home, starring a curly character named Tip, excitedly on an iPhone while we talk to them about Giselle's curly hair routine. We can't believe two whole years have passed since we visited Krista and Giselle at their home to follow and film their morning routine, and we're floored by how much Giselle has grown!

"We started using Just For Me so that when my daughter grows up like Tip she'll be able to take care of her own curls and embrace those curls just like Tip." The Hair Milk Nourishing Detangler is a must-have for Krista and Giselle, and the Curl Smoother leaves her curls bouncy, not crunchy. Plus it smells like marshmallows, which Giselle loves.

"I really like the smell of these because um, it smells really good. And that's why I like this so, that's all" Giselle informs us. We melt.

As for the Smoothing Edges Cream? "It's great for braids, or any kind of protective style because when you're 5 you wanna play around and be kinda crazy and those edges get pretty wild so this keeps them nice and controlled."

To watch the full review watch the video below, and if you're a mom of a curly kiddo be sure to share the new movie Home by Dreamworks with them!

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