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NaturallyCurly’s longtime curly kids hair blogger Cozy Friedman has introduced a super sweet new book just for moms of girls: Cozy’s Complete Guide to Girls’ Hair: The Cutest Cuts and Sweetest Hairstyles to Do at Home.

The beautiful book—which speaks to every hair type and texture—is packed with color photos and step-by-steps. Every parent of girls will be thrilled to have this amazing reference guide for fancy dos as well as everyday looks. The book empowers parents to help their daughters feel confident with who they are and how they look.

Friedman, founder of the wildly popular New York City salon Cozy’s Cuts for Kids, has long been considered an authority about children’s hair. The book—co-authored by Sheryl Berk— allows parents to enjoy some of Friedman’s salon secrets at home.

Please enjoy our conversation with Friedman.

NaturallyCurly: What inspired you to deal with kid’s hair?


Cozy Friedman

Cozy Friedman: A friend of mine was telling me about a terrible experience she’d had taking her nephew to an “adult” salon for a haircut. He was terrified, started crying, and ended up being asked to leave! When I asked her why she wouldn’t have taken him to a place for kids, I was struck by her response —there was no such place. It kind of seemed like a no-brainer from there—parents were in need of a place that they could take their kids for a haircut where they would feel welcome, not like a nuisance. I was so sure that this was so desperately needed, that I quit my job and went to barber school. The rest is history!

NC: Why this book and why now?

CF: After so many years of seeing parents come into my salon with their kids, perplexed by all kinds of “hair horrors,” I knew that I wanted to create a guide that could help parents everywhere, not just the ones that were here in NYC where our salons are. I want “Cozy’s Complete Guide to Girls’ Hair” to serve as a how-to for parents everywhere, who often feel overwhelmed and stressed by all things related to their kids’ hair.

NC: What has been the most beneficial and inspiring part of the work you are doing?

CF: When I see the relief spread across parents’ faces and kids actually leave my salons happy, it’s a huge reward. Hair can be seriously traumatizing for kids, and in turn for parents—I’ve seen parents get just as upset as their little ones who are in tears, petrified about their first haircut. Providing a “safe haven” for parents and kids through our salons and a go-to resource through “Cozy’s Complete Guide to Girls Hair” is endlessly inspiring.

NC: Your So Cozy line of products has been a huge hit. Do you see yourself expanding your line, and if so, how?

CF: Right now, most of my focus is on my new book, but they’ll definitely be new and exciting things to come from the So Cozy brand over the next year or so.

NC: Do you see another book in your future? If so, do you think it will be more styles or focus specifically on hair types?

CF: I am already being asked by people to do a follow-up book! Perhaps a smaller guide with all style ideas, or a series of books—one for each hair type. Or, maybe even a book for boys, we’ll see!

NC: If you could tell moms of curly girls everywhere one thing, what would it be?

CF: When it comes to parents dealing with their child’s hair, it can be seriously traumatizing, so the one thing I would tell all parents is to stay patient. I have really curly hair, and when I was growing up, no one ever told me that you’re not supposed to brush curly hair, because it turns into a giant “frizzball.” That’s why I included a section in my new book about hair texture and type, as a kind of guide for confused parents. If you take the time to learn what works and what doesn’t work for your child, everyone will be happy! One other thing—many people with curly hair wish that their hair was straight because they don’t know how to manage it so the curls end up looking frizzy. Take the time to understand curly hair and teach your child to embrace her curls, rather than trying to disguise them by blowing hair straight. The day I embraced my curly hair was one of the best days of my life!

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