Over on the Mizani stage at the World Natural Hair Show, stylist Chandra Thorpe demonstrated an innovative style that used a zulu-knotting technique to create a sort of “natural” headband using only your hair. I love unique ways to keep my hair from hanging in my face (read: I love preventing product-induced breakouts on my forehead”>. This style not only offered up a great way to pull the hair back but also create an elegant and fun look perfect for to spice up your everyday style or dress up an evening look.

mizani hair

Chandra’s daughter Khadori models this style. Full View. How Cute!

Here’s a step-by-step guide for how to achieve this style at home!


At the front hairline, part a 1-2″ wide section of hair from all the way around the head. Secure the rest of the hair in a bun.


Part a 1-inch section in this parted band and begin twisting tightly at the base of the section, continuing down the length of the section until the entire piece is twisted.


Keep twisting and as the coil begins to collapse on itself. Here’s where you can really get creative with the style and make it your own. You can either use hair pins and secure the twist to your scalp as you go or you can create a normal zulu knot and then take a couple pins and bring it closer to the scalp when its done.


Using triangle parts or square parts (your preference”>, create the next section and repeat steps 2 and 3.


Continue along the hairline until the entire band is twisted and secured.


Style the back of the hair as you please- in a bun, puff, french-twist, or loose!


Add pieces of hair to the twists to make them more substantial.

Voila! A cute, and simple style with distinctive flair!

mizani hair

Top View!

mizani hair

Side View!