Little girl

Dear Cozy:

Please give me advice! Where can I find and what could I use on my granddaughter’s hair, which is very dry and thin? When it’s washed and brushed, it looks lovely, but after a while it looks so dry. She sweats a lot in her hair. Maybe she needs something like oil? Please help. Much thanks.

Dear Concerned Grandmother:

It sounds to me that her hair needs hydration. I hesitate to recommend oil if her hair is very thin, it will likely weigh it down. One of the best dry hair remedies is a nice creamy conditioner like So Cozy Sweet Strawberry Conditioner. I like it because, although it’s thick and creamy, it won’t weigh down thin hair, and is specially formulated for children.

My secret tip: Don’t rinse it all out—leave a dime-size amount in the hair on the ends.

Cozy Friedman


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