My Hair is Curly

My Hair Is Curly

By Sabrina Carter

Illustrations by Jelani Thomas

Baby Ellington, $8

In “My Hair Is Curly” Sidney is a four-year-old little girl who enjoys going to school and who loves to learn. She has gray eyes, a beautiful smile and long, curly hair. On her fourth birthday she starts preschool and makes some new friends. One day, Sidney comes home from school and reveals she hates her hair. After listening to a story about wishing, Sidney decides to make a wish and quickly learns all the things that she would miss if she were just like everyone else.

Retired school superintendent Eleanor D. White, Ed.D, says, “ “My Hair is Curly’ is a clever tale that offers young children an opportunity to learn to appreciate who they are, showing once again that being accepted in not guaranteed by looking like everyone else.”

“My Hair is Curly” is a beautiful book with a beautiful message of learning to love one’s specialness. It’s a great tool for parents working with kids who might be struggling with accepting their curly hair.



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