Q: My little one’s hair is unruly (for lack of a better word)! Washing and detangling her hair has become a nightmare. Is there anything I can do to make “hair time” a little more pleasurable (for the both of us)? HELP!

A: “Hair time” should be the perfect time for fun and bonding with your little princess. Use this time to ask about school, her best friend and her big dreams.

This fun time is now possible with a “New Magical Beauty Collection” presented by Carol’s Daughter and Disney. Inspired by the upcoming Disney film “The Princess and the Frog”, these genuinely natural products are free of parabens, harsh detergents and are pediatrician tested. The collection includes a gentle shampoo, conditioner, detangler and bubble bath.

First, cleanse your princess’ hair using the “Beauty Within” Shampoo (contains nourishing Aloe Leaf Juice). Shampoo hair in sections if necessary.

Next, using our “Inner Shine” Conditioner (fortified with shine boosting Sunflower Seed oil, Olive and Sweet Almond oil) apply a liberal amount to each section, using a wide tooth comb, begin detangling at the bottom and gently work your way up to the scalp.

Rinse in sections and blot hair with a paper towel.

To style, spritz the “Dream Big” Detangler onto each section, using fingers to gently detangle and style as usual.

Help keep your daughter looking and feeling her absolute best, both inside and out. It’s OUR duty!

Peace & Blessings,

Lisa Price