Many of you have probably been stalking online curly hair communities for quite a while and been on the fence about going natural or ditching the flat iron and rocking your curls. You have probably found a million plus one reasons why you shouldn’t go natural, so I’ll give you three awesome reasons why you should.

Gossip Moves Fast!

Remember that girl and that guy and the other girl when they did that thing that time? No? Neither do I. High school is like one big soap opera. Every time you tune in to the show by going to school, there's a whole new drama unfolding. Things unravel at the speed of light, and the scintillating drama that had everyone buzzing yesterday will be just that — yesterday’s news. Walking in with a new ‘do or a head of curly hair may be the talk of the school today, but the hot gossip of who's hooking up or breaking up will soon overshadow any drama surrounding you.

Difference is Key

Walking down the halls of high school is almost like stepping into some alternate universe where every girl is forced to look alike. In this alternate universe all the girls are made to have straight hair, and individuality is a crime. Those of us with curly hair don’t live in this universe. Besides, didn’t you hear being yourself is in now? If being yourself means ‘rocking what your mama gave ya’, then go for it! Don’t be a mindless drone following the crowd. Be yourself, and when you walk down the halls in school, hold your curly hair up high, add a swing to your step and let them wonder how you got your hair like that.

Get Out of the Rut!

Have you ever been stuck in a styling rut that you just can’t seem to get out of? Well, if you have curly hair, limited styling options is just not a problem. There are so many options from showcasing your own curl pattern to mimicking someone else’s. You can twist and braid it, wear it down and out and do cute updos. If you are in a lazy mood, every day is an opportunity to rock a new ‘do as it swells, gets bigger and generally more funky. No two styling days are alike and you can rest easy knowing that no other curly has hair quite like yours.

Want More?

Did you know that natural hair can boost your confidence! Take our quiz to find out where you stand, and what you can do to get to the top!

Final Thoughts

As a young curly, I understand wanting to be liked by all. High school can be a cruel place for those who don’t fit in, but it can also be an opportunity for self-discovery and self-expression. So, take this opportunity to find you and your curls. As a wise person once told me, if you allow what others say to dictate what you do now, it speaks volumes about what the rest of your life will be like.