Today is Taylor Swift’s 21st birthday and we wanted to take the time to look back at her (and definitely those curls) over the years. Many women all over the world have found comfort in Taylor’s songs and admire her for saying what she wants to in her songs.

Imagining Taylor as an outcast who got teased in middle school seems impossible, especially since most of the ridicule happened because of her frizzy, curly hair.

Taylor admitted two years ago that she “used to hate [her] hair.” Taylor said she wanted to fit in so she "used to spend all that pain and time, getting up two hours earlier before [she] started school just because [she] wanted to look like everyone else."

We love Taylor’s curls, and know many of you do as well, so here’s to those curls that she’s finally embraced!

Taylor Swift, 4

At 4 years old, a very young Taylor shows that curls are in her future

Taylor Swift, 10

10-year-old Taylor starts straightening her hair to fit in with the other girls at school
Taylor Swift, 12

At 12 years old, Taylor has a loose wave in her hair that looks like it’s dying to go curly

Taylor Swift, 13

Right before Taylor moved to Tennessee to try to start a music career, 13 years old

Taylor Swift, 15

Taylor goes natural for one of her first photo shoots at 15

Taylor Swift, 17

Taylor shows off a spiral curl at 17

Taylor Swift, 19

No stranger to award shows, 19-year-old Taylor shows off a half-up curly ‘do
Taylor Swift, 20

At the 2010 Grammy Awards, Taylor wears a curly up ‘do