Hi, My name is Angelica Sweeting. I live in Miami, Fl. I am a full time entrepreneur and the founder/CEO of Naturally Perfect Dolls.

angelica doll curly hair doll

What (or who”> inspired you to start your Naturally Perfect doll collection?

Like most young girls with kinky and curly hair, my daughter Sophia was not happy with hers because of the doll I was putting in her hands every day. She wanted long straight hair, and she even started expressing a strong dislike for her facial features and skin tone. With the help of my daughters, we created The Angelica Doll–the first natural hair 18-inch doll for young girls.

What makes these dolls different from Barbie?

Naturally Perfect Dolls have features that are true to women of color (skintone, nose, lips, eyes”>, hair you can style and wash just as natural curly hair and new/interesting careers. The hair was a really important piece for us. We tested the hair for over 8 months. We are dedicated to showing the full spectrum of beauty.

Where did the four names of each doll come from?

The original Angelica Doll was named after me. We surveyed young girls and asked them to describe their perfect doll. All of the young girls unknowingly described their mother from head to toe.

How has the community responded?

People are excited about our company and the dolls we are creating. We had a chance to exhibit at the New York Toy Fair last month and we received an overwhelming response from the toy community. We get messages from people of all races and backgrounds expressing their gratitude and excitement. The dolls are beautifully done but the reason why we are creating dolls is more important to us. It gives little girls a proper self-image and lets them know that their unique beauty is celebrated.

Visit the Naturally Perfect Dolls site to purchase The Angelica Doll & follow on Instagram @NaturallyPerfectDolls.

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