Mom is known for always giving her all to everybody around her. And yet, she tends to forget to care for the most important person—herself.

DailyCurlz is an amazing curly-haired Afro-Latina mom residing in LA who currently has a 12.5k following on social media and tons of engagement on her bilingual lifestyle blog, dailycurlz.

This curly mom lives in the fast lane promoting healthy, curly hair but most importantly, self-care for all moms. We had the privilege in getting an inside scoop on how this popular mom keeps her curls on fleek, even when running on 5 cups of coffee.

I am fortunate because my job revolves around my hair--so for the most part, when I’m playing with my curls, I am working.

I also like to take some me time either to play with my hair or to watch my favorite TV show, and for moms, this is essential for our mental health. When we feel good and happy, everything around the house will run smoothly. “A happy wife is a happy life.”

I wish I could tell a fancy story about how my hair is perfectly done every day.

But as mom and an entrepreneur, I don't always have the time to do my hair. So, my daily routine is actually very simple:

My hair is always up in a pineapple, which keeps it away from my face. If I have to run out of the house in a rush, I can take it down easily, spritz some water, shaky, shaky--and I am ready to go! I moisturize every day with a water-based leave-in conditioner; when wash-day is approaching, I use oils.

I discovered this routine works best for my curls through trial and error.

Like everything in life, we learn from our mistakes and experience. In my particular case, I used to have an 'agenda' album--before Pinterest--in which I wrote everything I did on my hair along with the results. I also saved pictures from magazines that showed hairstyles I wanted to try. I jotted down everything from how my hair reacted, to certain ingredients and [the] climate. 

As moms, we have a lot on our plate, but I think the best way to find the right products and the right routine for your hair is by paying attention, documenting everything, and learning from it (with hair and life).

Luckily for busy moms on a tight budget, the market has evolved.

There are many amazing products for our hair under $7. Although, if your budget is really tight, try getting in the kitchen and make some DIY hair products. It is amazing, the great conditioners you can make with the ingredients that you probably already have. Get creative--mix and match! Listen to your hair and once you know what products work for you, stick to it.

Be creative. Our hair is amazing and it can handle almost any hairstyle.

Always protect your hair. If it was a wash-and-go, put it in a pineapple at night, sleep on a satin pillowcase and refresh your curls with a water mist (water, leave-in and a mix of oils). If you are rocking a braid or twist-out, re-braid or re-twist at night, sleep on a satin pillowcase and refresh your hair with oil-based products. Again, once you know what works for your hair and you have a routine, your styling time gets cut in half.

As my hair gets longer, the amount of time I spend doing my hair is actually less than when it was shorter and that is because I have a relationship with my hair and know what it likes and its needs.
Daily Curlz

Don’t wait until your hair gets damaged to give it some TLC.

Take the time to pre-poo, wash, and deep condition your hair at least twice a month. You will actually be saving time and money, and your hair will be healthy. It will respond better and faster thus saving you time when styling.

Work around your family schedule. If it’s your wash-day and you want to do a pre-poo, wake up a couple of minutes earlier to apply. Wear a scarf and move on with your day until you find the time to get back to your hair.

To sum it up

Our natural hair is amazing.

Have fun with it and don't stress out—stress is bad for hair growth! Remember that our hair grows from the inside out, so a healthy and balanced diet and regular exercise will benefit your hair tremendously. Drink a lot of water and include a lot of greens into your day, and most importantly, don’t forget to give yourself some TLC.