When it comes to travel, you want your hair to look and feel its best.

Why go to a new, exciting place if your at-home curls can’t come with?

Traveling can take a toll on your nerves and your strands. Here are a few tried and true travel hacks for curly haired girls to make the journey easier.

Know Before You Go

The most important hair travel hack for curly hair is to know the weather of the destination. If you are traveling somewhere where it is hot and humid, pack those anti-frizz solutions. Going somewhere cold and snowy? Better bring your favorite deep moisturizer to fend off dryness. You should always know the forecast for your next locale for the entire length of your stay. This will help you be better prepared so your curls stay fabulous. 

Plan for the Plane

When it comes to keeping your curls prepared for the trip, you should consider an appropriate hairstyle for your travel days. A hairstyle that you have to worry about or check on to make sure everything is in place is a travel no-no. You want something that you can put up and forget about until you land. A great example is to put your hair in a braided updo style for the flight so you can relax and then take the braids out when the plane lands. Hair stress-free flight? Check. Loose curls and volume at the baggage claim? Double check.

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Ditch the Heat

If you are in a committed relationship with your blow-dryer and heat tools, now would be a good time to take a break and try that wash n go you’ve been itching to perfect! Bring a microfiber towel with you to cut down on frizz and test out the art of air drying for yourself.  Your curls will probably reward you with added texture and body, while making your suitcase a little lighter.

Saran Wrap

This is a tip that is great for at home or on the go. Don’t want the maid to have to clean up your shedding and stray hairs from your latest detangling session? Hate cleaning it up yourself and want an easier method? While a lint roller is great for picking up pesky hairs off fabrics, it isn’t as great on hard surfaces. Laying saran wrap over the sink or counter and detangling your hair with your head upside down over it is a quick fix.  When you are done, simply roll up the saran wrap and toss it. You don’t even need to travel with your own since most hotels have a kitchen and the concierge will most likely oblige your request. Here’s one more brilliant way to use saran wrap when you travel.

Reuse the Bottles

At most hotels, there are complimentary bottles of shampoo and conditioner. While you may shy away from using the produces because your hair care routine has become a science to you, the bottles are a great tool to keep. Simply rinse out all the product and then for your next trip, fill them with your own favorite products for an easy and cheap way to bring the goods on the go.

With just a little planning, you can make sure every trip is a success. Save your curls while on the go with these tips.

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