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Towards the end of last year I sat down with a hot cup of green tea and began writing my goals for my career, finances, health, marriage, and personal life.  As I was doing this, I had a major discovery.  When it came to setting my “mommy goals” I realized most of the things I wrote down to do for myself were things I already mastered and really didn’t need to set them as goals because they were as much a part of my life as grocery shopping, ballet practice, and filming YouTube videos for my channel.

As an an entrepreneur, wife and mom of a 2 year old daughter and a 5 year old son, being busy is in my DNA.  I, like you, spend most of my day working and taking care of other people–it’s exhausting! Very early on I learned that I had to take time out for myself every single day. This is non negotiable and you must do this. I never complain about not having time for myself because my “mommy time” is in my calendar right along side business meetings, soccer practice, doctor’s appointments, and flights.

Self-care is taking time to take care of yourself. The biggest obstacle is usually time, you give time to things that matter. And YOU matter mom.  Magazines and blogs often suggest “…take time for you even if it’s just 5 minutes…”, but why should I only give myself 5 minutes? Out of 16 waking hours, I deserve much more than a mere 5 minutes.  I take 30 minutes to 2 hours for myself to effectively care for myself. Sure every day won’t be 2 hours and sometimes I have to break up that 1 hour into 2 sessions, but as long as I get it, then I’m good.  Here is how I make myself a priority as often as I can.

Every Day

Every morning I drink a delicious cup of hot green tea with antioxidants to support my overall health.  This time with myself in the morning while my children are asleep gives me very much needed quiet time.  I often read a book while sipping my tea.

During the day I let my husband be a dad. So many times as moms we feel we have to do everything and we don’t.  Let dad help you his way.  Bath times with dad are so much fun and we share the responsibility of taking the kids to their extracurricular activities.

Every evening I write in my prayer journal. I spend about 15 minutes reading from a spiritual book and then spend another 10-15 minutes writing my personal reflections.

A phone call with a loved one like my mom or best friend are a must.  This is my time to laugh, cry and just let it all out.

Every Week

Working out is a great stress reliever. I make sure to work out at least 3 times a week even if it’s just walking while scrolling through my Instagram timeline. My children know when mommy’s working out they are not allowed to disturb me. Training them took a lot of  practice, but is so worth it.

I take pride in my soft youthful skin. To keep it this way, I give myself a facial once or twice a week.

Every other week I take a trip to the nail salon to get a manicure and pedicure done.  I crack open a good book and just relax.

Taking care of yourself is taking care of your kids. 

Every Month

Once a month I go to a local restaurant and sit down for lunch or dinner by myself. Sounds odd, but it’s very refreshing.  It’s the one time ever I can go into a restaurant and relax.

Date night with my husband is a must.  We make sure to hire a babysitter a month before and put our date night on the calendar.  The time we spend reconnecting with each other with no children is priceless.

Another important date I set is with my best friend who is also a mom.  We love our big girl time together over dinner, a movie or drinks.

Why take care of yourself?

Taking care of yourself is taking care of your kids. Your family depends on you. They need you to be strong. Your body has grown little humans. Your hands have cooked hundreds of meals and folded thousands of shirts. Your voice has sung your children to sleep for countless nights.

You are needed. You matter. Your self care is utterly important.

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