So, you’re dating a curly girl? Consider yourself lucky!


We’re unique and special in so many ways, and not just our hair. How do you know you’re dating one of us? Here are some signs…

1. You find strands of curls here, there, and everywhere.

It’s because we shed–a lot. Don’t freak out though, curly girls; it is completely normal to lose about 100 strands of hair a day.

2. You are familiar with terms your boys don’t know.

These words include co-wash, deep treatment, LCO Method, and have somewhat of an understanding on why sulfates are bad and coconut oil is good.

3. You assist in her extreme measures when it is raining outside.

Why yes, that is a plastic grocery bag over her head because she does not need her hair to frizz and pouf out horizontally. Thanks.

4. You ‘pet’ her head as opposed to running your fingers through her length.

Fine, she’s letting you pet your hair today, but if your fingers go in between the strands it will disrupt her curl pattern, leading to frizz and one cranky girlfriend to deal with.

5. You know what a hair steamer is.

You’ve also had conversations about the which micro-fiber towel and Curly Girl-friendly products would make wonderful gifts for her.

6. You have learned to love her satin bonnet at bedtime look.

Since you love her and want her hair to look good the next day, and also, you realize that it’s better than the alternative of possibly getting smothered to death by all her hair all night long.

7. You know not washing her hair daily does not mean she is dirty in any way, shape or form.

8. You are wise enough to compliment her after she finally gets a blowout.

However, you are even wiser to know not to tell her you prefer this look over her natural curls.

9. You know that she possibly has more hair products in her house currently then you may have used in your whole lifetime.

10. You know far better than to ever compare her hair to a cheap brand of soup noodles.

11. You love the mystery of how her hair turns out each day.

Better yet, you know why her hair may never look the same twice, even if she uses all the same products applied the exact same way.

12. You are no longer astounded with how much faster conditioner gets used up before shampoo.

13. You understand how long and tedious Wash Day can be.

Still, you also know she knows what she is doing so you no longer question her process.

14. You aren’t going to bug her about leaving the house with half wet hair in warmer weather.

It no longer phases you since you know it takes her hair hours to air dry and air drying is healthy for her hair.

15. She loves trying new products constantly, and as a result, you enjoy the variety of pretty fragrance in her hair.

16. If you also happen to have textured hair, you will probably never have to buy hair products for yourself ever again.

On the flip side, if you have straight, oily, and really fine hair, it can be a bit sad to see all of these hair products that she has and know every single one will only weigh your hair down and not work for you.

Do you have more signs to add to this list?

Share them in the comments below!

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