Loosen up those tresses

Apply a thick, creamy conditioner. Separate your hair into sections, usually 4, and finger comb to remove any major knots. Then use a wide-tooth comb to detangle, starting at the ends and working up. This reduces breakage because you’re slowly and gently getting through tangles, and not pulling through them from the top. The more conditioner you use, the smoother — and faster — the process. Then rinse and style your hair as usual.


I always thought I was alone with my knotty, matted, back-of-the-head nightmare, but apparently I am not! The back of my hair has always been difficult, but I stupidly let a hair sylist friend cut my hair. She said she had experience with curly hair, but then later revealed that she never cut cutly hair like mine (3b) and she thought it came out well. The next time I washed it I had to call my mom in to help me detangle the mat in the back. I was in distress, and I still am. I think she thinned in underneath. Never let a friend cut your hair!!! Ugh.

Really, MS Pooh. I will have to try this tip. I can't afford to loose any more hair. I dont' really split my hair in four sections since my hair is already knotty. Someone commented on how the back of the hair is always knotty. I ALWAYS have the same issue - AND ITS my healthiest , loosest hair. Any tips on that would be great. Thanks

The way you shampoo (or no poo) can make a difference, too. The scrunch-n-scrub does not work for curlies! You will definitely end up with a tangled mess! I got this from another website, but I can't remember which one right now. If this sounds familiar to anyone, please help me give credit where it's due: 1). Section your hair gently with your fingers into about 4 big sections before you shampoo. Secure each with a clip or by making big braids. 2) Shampoo each section individually by gently massaging your strands between your fingertips or thumb & forefinger. Rinse & rebraid. 3). Repeat with remaining sections. Follow the same steps for conditioning, each section individually, gently detangling with a wide tooth comb from the ends up to the roots. This takes me forever in the shower, but it helps to save my precious napps. I can't imagine how long it would take if you have really long or thick hair, but it's worth it.

My hair is a mess!!! I have tried everything to keep my hair from being tangled the next day but nothing seems to work! Don't get me wrong i love my 3b hair but its just so hard to manage it!! If there is any tip to keep my hair De-tangled, than someone please help me!!! Thanx!(:

for those of you having huge knotty trouble, maybe you need a few more tips: perhaps the most important thing is to keep your hair well-trimmed on a very regular (read: monthly) basis. split ends equal major tangles! don't let your hair get whipped around in the wind or stay loose while exercising. keep it tied up--perhaps even braided--at night. and whatever you do, be sure to detangle every single day. as a gal who used to have to get matted tangles cut out of my major curls, trust me that a little bit of work and a lot of prevention make a huge difference!

You lost me at the sectioning. When my hair is tangled, there is no sectioning it - well unless I want to pull myself bald in the process. I just start with the "loosest" strands and work my way around. I try to stick to starting at the bottom, but that doesn't always work either. This tip is excellent in theory - just not so great in execution! Thank you though. :)

this is a great tip! it works so well.

thanks for the tip! Are there any other useful strategies?

i have been doing this for ever and i just hate how knotty my hair is. when i do,do this tip i always lose so much hair almost full handfuls

OMG! i have been doing it backwards fingers, than comb (not to mention I have been combing it wrong!) thanks!