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The wash and go is about embracing one’s own curls, coils, and waves – without manipulation or stretching. 

Choosing not to stretch the curls leads to shrinkage, and potentially tangles. Here are four mistakes that you want to avoid for a tangle-free wash and go.

1. Detangling dry hair

Trying to detangle a wash and go when your hair is completely dry is curly hair suicide. Just do not do it. Always apply conditioner, oil, water or a detangler to help release the knots, snags, and coils from around one another before attempting to detangle. Even curlies that claim to dry detangle use some lubricant in the process. In my opinion, damp detangling works best, because a little water and conditioner makes your curls more pliable but not weak from the over saturation of water.

2. Rushing

Unless you are rocking an ultra-low TWA or have been diligently keeping your hair moisturized, trying to detangle your wash and go when you’re short on time is a recipe for breakage and frustration. It can take some time to properly detangle and if you know you have knots, snags or need a good trim, take out enough time to slowly and effectively detangle your hair, without yanking or ripping through your strands.

3. Detangling everything at once

Detangling your hair without sectioning it first is asking for tears. Dividing your hair helps when you are working with clean ends and moisturized strands, as the knots will be less prevalent in this state. Most wash and go styles will eventually have hairs that have coiled around neighboring coils, so just imagine the knots you will incur when you have not moisturized it in days, slept on it with no protection, and put off your wash day. The best way to combat this, is to divide your hair into sections and detangle them one by one.

4. Not using products with good slip

Slippery products help your fingers glide through your hair as you detangle. There are many products on the market that have been formulated specifically for detangling, but a good conditioner with slip or natural oils can work as well. The more slip your product has, the less work detangling is for you. 

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To find the best detangling method for you, check out the pros and cons of detangling wet and dry.

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