Ebony is a radio host and curly hair vlogger, and we wanted to know - how does she detangle all of her hair? We were thrilled that she exclusively shared her tips with us on detangling long, curly hair. Subscribe to her channel, Ebony's Curly TV and follow her on Instagram @EbSweetz for more of her long hair inspiration and tips.


Hey, y'all! I'm back with another video.

This time, I am showing you how I detangle my long, curly hair. I just took out my Senegalese twists, so my curls are still separated right now.

This is what I use:

Rule of thumb for those with long hair like me: Don't try to work on your whole head at once. I like to part my hair into sections so it is not as overwhelming. I start with the back, working my way to the front sections.

Before detangling, I wet a section thoroughly with my spray bottle. Detangling dry hair leads to weak hair which causes breakage and split ends. I work from the bottom up, NOT the roots down.

Once I finish detangling each section, I create a large flat twist. That way, when I get in the shower and wash my hair, it won't re-tangle.

  • How to flat twist: Take a smaller section from the section you are twisting, split it in half, and twist it down normally. Every time you take one strand and wrap it around the other, take a little bit of loose hair to bring it into the second strand.

If I find my hair is really tangled, I use a little bit of conditioner or coconut oil to make it slippery and easier. Start from the bottom and work your way up, do not start at the root. I continue the same routine for my remaining sections using a wide-tooth comb on dampened hair. If you prefer to use something to detangle further, use a Denman Brush at this point in the process.

At the end, I have 10 to 12 long flat twists/braids that are thoroughly detangled and ready to be washed!

Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below. Thanks for watching!