Tomatoes are one of nature’s most powerful sources of antioxidants and vitamins. While you may know they are good for you to eat, they are also great for your hair when applied directly to your curls.

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Here are a few benefits of putting tomato juice in your hair that might be news to you!

  • One of the biggest benefits of putting tomato juice in your hair is to add a glossy sheen to tired, dry strands. When used as a conditioner, tomato juice can help increase the pH levels in your hair to make it more balanced. This can help take hair from lifeless to glossy thanks to the acidic nature of a tomato.
  • Tomatoes are also high in levels of vitamins such as A and C which can help make strands stronger. A tomato hair mask can help improve scalp circulation thanks to the nutrients while the acidic nature can help with issues such as an overabundance of fungus on the scalp which can inhibit growth.

Here are a few ways to use tomato juice on your hair.

Tomatoes Only

This recipe uses just a tomato and is easy to do!

Simply juice a tomato, or use organic tomato juice already squeezed, and apply a small amount to your scalp. Massage the scalp and apply tomato juice to strands. Put on a shower cap. After 3-5 minutes, rinse the juice out of hair. Make sure you don’t leave the juice on too long or it may negatively affect the pH of your hair.

Tomato and Honey

For a recipe that uses the powers of tomatoes mixed with the super moisturizing properties of honey, this is a great hair mask for when hair needs a boost.

Mix two ripe tomatoes in a blender. Add to a bowl with two tablespoons of honey. Stir until it takes on a paste consistency. Apply to your strands and put hair up in a shower cap.  Wait 30 minutes. When doing a mask that mixes tomato juice with a moisturizing property such as honey, you do not need to worry about quickly rinsing it because of the acidity. Rinse hair when time is up.

Lightening Trick

Since tomatoes are highly acidic they can be used much like lemon juice to help lighten hair. This trick will only work if you use a whole tomato as opposed to a store-bought juice since the tomato in an unprocessed form tends to have a higher acidity.  Taking slices of tomatoes, apply them to hair where you wish to highlight or lighten. Leave the juice there for around ten minutes and then rinse. The results will vary based on the natural color of your hair, and you may need to repeat this task more than once to get the level you desire, but this is a quick way to change up your color at home.

Tomato Juice for Skin

You can also use it for skin! It is perfect for when your face feels oily and needs a boost. The vitamins will pep skin up while the acidity will remove excess oils.

Simply mix one part tomato juice to equal part cucumber juice. Cucumber juice helps with the moisturizing so skin doesn’t dry out when those oils are removed. Apply it to your face with a cotton ball just like a toner. It works best when applied to the oiliest areas of your face such as the T-zone.

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