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Protein is not just in the chicken or beef you ingest on your plate, protein helps to strengthen and grow our curls. Protein-rich products have been on the rise and between the deep conditioning treatments and protein packs being released by brands, it can be hard to determine what’s the best product for your hair type. The type of protein treatment you may need depends on your hair type, texture, and how healthy your hair can be at the time.

It's all about balance

Finding the perfect balance between protein and moisture is essential for preventing breakage and limp hair. Protein should be implemented into your routine roughly every 4-6 weeks and if it’s your first time you can grab ingredients for your own DIY recipe or purchase a treatment pack in your local drugstore.

What is protein sensitivity?

For those with protein sensitive hair or scalps, there can be trial and error in determining a good product for you depending on the recipe and ingredients within the product itself. Examining what’s within a protein-focused product or pack and observing how your hair and scalp react to it can help you decide whether it will/won’t respond well to your curls.

According to the Toxicological Sciences in the Oxford Journals, protein allergies can present themselves through various symptoms ranging from mild erythema to acute anaphylactic shock, as well as irritations of the skin. 

Ingredients to Avoid

Some curlies find that their bodies do not agree with ingredients like hydrolyzed protein, collagen protein, vegetable protein, or silk proteins. Each of these main foundations of a protein could cause an allergic reaction to your scalp that could potentially cause bumps, irritation, dryness, or stiffness.

Doing your research is key when you are protein sensitive, and if you aren’t sure, you can determine if you're protein sensitive through a testing process. If you find that you are protein sensitive, you can use one of these DIY recipes you can create at home so you know exactly what you're putting on your hair.

Gelatin hair mask

This gelatin hair mask is a great homemade protein treatment include household ingredients like olive oil, apple cider vinegar, and honey to create strong, shiny and luscious hair!

Banana, coconut, avocado hair mask

Who knew that items from your fridge could be so great for your hair? A DIY mask that includes banana, coconut oil, and avocado is going to give you all the nourishment you need!

Mayo honey olive oil mask

Three ingredients are key in this DIY recipe to give us flawless results! Mayonnaise, honey, and olive are combined for a great mask to keep your curls soft and defined.

Egg and avocado mask

Are you looking for strength, conditioning and growth? This hair mask combines healthy proteins like eggs and avocados for clean, defined curls you will love.

Coconut milk olive oil and argan oil mask

We are coco in love with this DIY conditioner that uses coconut milk, olive oil, and argan oil to give us soft and shiny hair!

Please remember to always do your research and do a patch test to determine whether you have an ingredient allergy. Knowing what your curls and skin respond to will help you create the best treatment for you and give you the nourishment you deserve. Have fun and experiment with oils and fruit to keep your treatment natural and fresh.