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One thousand feet above LA, with a panoramic view of the entire metropolitan area (from the Hollywood sign to the Pacific Ocean), we celebrated curl progress.

On the ninth stop in book tour for The Curl Revolution: Inspiring Stories and Practical Advice from the NaturallyCurly Community," we partnered with curl pioneer Ouidad to give the curly girls of Southern California a truly unique experience. While some cities seem to host a curl event every weekend – sometimes multiple events – such gatherings are few and far between in the LA area. But it's not out of a lack of interest and need. In fact, a wide range of women, children and men – community members, influencers, models and actresses - gathered for inspiration and support. And they also got goodie bags overflowing with Ouidad curl products.

ouidad gift bag and products

One natural real estate broker told me about a client who just that week called her because he'd seen her brochure. He said he'd love to list his house with her – if she straightened her hair.

Supermodel Nikia Phoenix told the crowd about how casting agents still have occasionally asked her to straighten her hair, even though she is known for her signature coils and freckles. In the star-filled world of Los Angeles, it's still hard to cite any actresses who wear their hair naturally curly on screen or the red carpet.

model nikia phoenix at the curl revolution book tour

I got an email before the event from human resources manager in California who said she was listening to a podcast about whether curls should be worn in the workplace. Various sources indicated women should straighten their hair to increase their chances of a good impression. Among the questions they addressed were "is this something that is addressed with candidates," "do they have an unconscious bias against curly hair," and "do they think women should wear their hair curly or straight for important meetings."

ouidad and michelle breyer at the curl revolution book tour

Ouidad – known as the Queen of Curls – offered the perspective of someone who has watched this revolution since the beginning. Three decades ago, she opened her curl salon in New York. She remembers sitting across from beauty editors who rolled their eyes at her when she said her salon was exclusively for curls. Now she has salons on both coasts and Florida, and a line of products sold worldwide.

michelle breyer with her dad

This night was even more special because my curly father, Jack, and my mother, Miriam, were in the audience to experience this amazing phenomenon that can't really be put into words.

curly attendees at the book tour

talia with the curl revolution

curly attendees at the book tourcurly attendees at the book tour

With each stop of this book tour – whether it be in Beverly, Mass. or San Francisco – I have felt more certain than ever that this revolution is not a passing trend. Looking out at the crowd of beautiful curly girls and guys – with the sparkling lights of the city below – it was a magical feeling. It's a feeling I wish I could spread to every person who is struggling to embrace their curls and coils. And maybe with this book – and with the amazing people I've met on the tour – we're doing just that.

curly attendee at the book tour

curly attendee with michelle breyercurly attendee at the book tourcurly attendees at book tour

curly attendee at the book tour

michelle breyer signing the curl revolution

curly attendee at the book tourcurly attendee at the book tour

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Thanks to The Curl Revolution partner, Ouidad.