For nearly 2 decades, NaturallyCurly has been listening to, engaging with, and giving you all the education and empowerment you need to bring out the best in your curls. But, you know what?

We want to give you MORE.

Every person at NaturallyCurly, from our editorial team to our in-house tech gurus, knows how important every curl journey is. We love and embrace that about each of you.

That is why our fearless curly leader, Michelle Breyer, authored the best-selling book The Curl Revolution and is calling on YOU to join her on this amazing cross-country circuit of curls!

Author Michelle Breyer smiles at camera while signing a copy of her book The Curl Revolution at book signing event held in Austin, TX on October 3, 2017.
We wanted to create a place for people like us – a place where people could get inspiration, support and education about their curls, coils, and waves.
Michelle Breyer, NaturallyCurly co-founder, and best-selling author

The Curl Revolution book signing event was EPIC.

The revolution began with the official launch of the Amazon best-selling book, on October 3rd in Austin, TX at local independent bookstore BookPeople. Although seats were available to all, the event had filled up with so many curly attendants, there was only standing room in the event space.

Young women with curly hair styles enjoy themselves at BookPeople.

Seeing curly women and men, some who traveled several states for the book signing, was quite the sight! New friendships were formed and bonds between curlies became stronger over plates of deliciously catered eats and spirited treats.

Standing room only at the book signing held at BookPeople.

During the Q&A portion of the singing, Michelle Breyer's heartwarming shoutouts to her parents, who were in attendance and beaming with pride, and honest answers to attendees curious about curly and natural hair care and the struggles they experienced captivated all in the room.

Every person in the bookstore, waiting to meet the illustrious author to have their copy of the book signed, contributed to the buzz in the air; it was electric. The amazing night of empowerment and growth showered a light on how strong our bonds and interwoven all our curl stories are.

Author Michelle Breyer embraces book signing attendee at event.

What does The Curl Revolution mean to you?

Moved by this energy in the space, I wondered if others were feeling it, too. So, I talked to a few attendee to learn what Michelle's book and the natural hair and curly hair movements mean to them. Here are just a few of the women that shared their thoughts with me:

Alexis Davis

The Curl Revolution book signing attendee Alexis Davis shares what the curl revolution means to her with NaturallyCurly editor Gerilyn M. Hayes
"The curl revolution gives natural and curly hair women the courage to wear their hair without fear in the workplace and school." -Social Media Manager Alexis Davis, @yeahitslex

Sharelle Evans

Natural Hair Influencer and CURLS Ambassador Sharelle Evens @crazysexycurleee at The Curl Revolution Book Signing

"The movement allows us to not be afraid of ourselves: Be free. Be a standout. Be different! I've always wanted straight hair, but took the risk to be curly; I'm raising my daughter the same way." -Natural Hair Influencer Sherelle Evans, @crazysexycurleee

Suzanne Schroeder

Local artist Suzzane Schroeder photographed b y Amy Weiss Photography inside BookPeople for The Curl Revolution book signing.

"It means that you're not alone on this crazy curly journey! You're walking with people that know the struggles and the joys of having curly hair." -Austin-based Artist Suzanne Schroeder

Curls Unite!

NaturallyCurly intern Kiana Tipton and friend attend The Curl Revolution book tour in Austin, TX

NaturallyCurly Intern Kiana Tipton @ktippyy and friend share a laugh.

Book Tour attendees enjoy The Curl Revolution

We spied so many happy faces and curls, enjoying the contents of their signed copies.

Attendees of The Curl Revolution book signing enjoy listening to Michelle Breyer during Q & A session.

Attendees of book signing enjoy listening to Michelle Breyer during Q&A session.

By taking our NaturallyCurly community offline and into the places we live, salons and retailers, NaturallyCurly Co-Founder and Author Michelle Breyer has found a new way to connect every curly from everywhere, no matter her or his standing in their personal curl journey.

Michelle Breyer gives speech at The Curl Revolution book signing event held at BookPeople in Austin, TX on October 3, 2017.
"I am thrilled at the initial reaction to the book, which is getting positive reviews from both curly girls and stylists alike." -Michelle Breyer, NaturallyCurly co-founder and best-selling author

I, too, am super excited! This book is not just a combination of curly hair care tips and styling techniques; it's a collection of curl stories told straight from the heart by some of the most influential voices in the space. You'll hear from Image Activist Michaela angela Davis, PopSugar's Lisa Sugar, Master Stylist Diane C. Bailey, Curly Influencer Stylefeen, and so many more of our favorites.

As a community member of NaturallyCurly and an advocate for all things textured and curly, it is my honor to share in this remarkable moment for all of us curly people of the world!

That is why I am inviting you, dearest curl friend, to meet Michelle Breyer and NaturallyCurly editors on our book tour, celebrating over 2 decades of curls. You can order the book now from SHOPNaturallyCurly for 20 percent off until Oct. 15th with the coupon code: CR20

Copies of The Curl Revolution by Michelle Breyer sit on retail shelves at BookPeople in Austin, TX.

Join us!

We're going to be hitting the road to listen to your stories, chat about your curl journeys and revelations, and Michelle is going to sign your book! Stay ahead of the curl by keeping up with the book signing events. Our next stop is at Oasis Salon in Washington, D.C. on October 10, 2017, at 6 p.m.

Here is where Michelle will be next:

We can't wait to meet you and hear your story!

As ever, stay curly!

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All photographs by Amy Weiss Photography (Austin, Texas).