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Natural hair events have been on the rise and are happening all over the U.S. to bring naturalistas and beauty enthusiasts together. When I first went natural, the natural hair events were few and far in between. Now, every time you look up there is a natural hair event happening to attend. From someone who has experienced several natural hair events since I went natural in 2009, if you haven’t attended one, you really should. Here are five reasons why you should attend natural hair events.

Meet other naturals in your area

You may be newly natural and looking to meet other naturalista’s in your area to share tips and find new curlfriends to chat with. I have met many new curlfriends at natural hair events that have been added to my circle of friends. You never know who you can network and connect with at natural hair events. The love is so real. It’s good to network with other women in your area, because you never know whom in the room own shops, products, and knows of other events that you can attend in the future.

Try the latest products

All the natural hair events that I have been to had swag bags out of this world! Yes, I am a product junkie and I get excited about trying the newest and latest products. Some of the latest and greatest products are showcased in swag bags at natural hair events. Oftentimes you will also be able to purchase products from vendors at the show at a discounted rate.

Meet bloggers

Some of your favorite influencers you follow online might be in attendance at the events. This is a good chance to network and ask them questions. Also, it’s a chance to get in some good selfies with newfound curlfriends!


By attending natural hair events you can gain valuable knowledge from industry professionals. There are so many natural hair events that have educational workshops with amazing speakers who are experts in their field. I have learned so much about how to care for my hair by attending events and talking with professionals in the industry.


If you are a blogger or brand looking for exposure, you can gain opportunities from attending natural hair events. I have gotten so many different opportunities to work with brands and other bloggers by attending natural hair events. Make sure that you bring business cards with you if you plan to network. Find the go-to person at the booth and make a good impression. You never know what can come from a conversation. Always send a follow up email after the event!

What are some of your reasons for attending natural hair events?