NaturallyCurly World, I think this is my favorite piece I have ever had the privilege to work on. How often do you get to bring your coworkers' mothers in and see for yourself why they turned out the way they have. Meeting someone's mother can be so revealing, as they often play a major role in shaping the way you think - and of course the way you look.

Our Editor Alexandra and our Social Media Manager Leslie agreed to invite their moms to Austin to have honest, face-to-face conversations about beauty. About 3 minutes in, all of the cast and crew were in tears - and if you hit play, you just might be too.

Why is this subject so touching? And what is it about looking directly into the eyes of someone you love and telling them how they make you feel? "I know why I love my mom, why I find her beautiful, and what I admire about her, but it's rare that I ever vocally articulate it" Leslie said after the shoot. It's true, I talk to my mom every day. We talk about what we're making for dinner, what happened in our day, we vent, but do I tell her how much I appreciate everything she has done for me? Not enough. 

Alex's mom is her "best friend, #1 fan, ride or die, and motivation for it all." After the shoot, she said "funny thing is my mom was more comfortable on camera than I was!" Her favorite part was that they "were able to be ourselves on camera, express our love for each other, share our truths and be transparent about my childhood and growing up as bi-racial young woman.  Losing my father at six-years old has impacted my life in many ways and it most definitely reminded me the value of family."

I think what struck me was how vulnerable these women were, despite the cameras, microphones, and other people in the room. Leslie said "Sitting down and being 100% vulnerable with one another created a conversation I will always cherish with my mom. I hope through seeing these videos, more people will have a desire to be open and honest with the people they love."

It's my hope that you'll take a moment this weekend to tell your mother, a mother figure, or just someone you love and value what it is you love about them.

This post was originally published in 2017 and we are sharing it for Mother's Day.