I recently had the chance to attend the Bronner Bros. International Beauty Show, where tens of thousands of beauty professionals gather to learn about the latest innovations in the beauty industry each year. If you’ve never been to a beauty show, their over the top productions and live hair cuts (often while dancing”> are awe inspiring, to say the least.

One such amazing cut I saw was by Robert Cromeans, an industry legend and the Global Artistic Director for John Paul Mitchell Systems. He put a hat on a model’s huge afro and cut around the rim, and when he took the hat off she had this super fly tapered cut. It was crazy! I noticed that among the straight-haired models we so often see, 70% off the models at Paul Mitchell had texture from coily to curly to wavy hair. So when I got a chance to speak to John Paul Dejoria, the Co-founder of Paul Mitchell, I had a major fangirl moment.

As a curly girl, I love that you have different versions of your MarulaOil – a lighter oil for fine hair and a heavier one for coilier hair. How did you decide to target your products by texture type instead of race, color or ethnicity?

When I was first coming out with my products everyone said, oh you need an ethnic line. But I looked around and decided we all live in this one world. It doesn’t make sense to divide the people. There’s no need to separate them. So I have one line that includes everyone.


What sets Marula apart from other oils? Why is it worthy to carry the Paul Mitchell name?

There are 50% more antioxidants and maleic acids. That’s way more than argan oil. When you get those other oils, your product is 10% oil, 90% perfume and other stuff. With us, it’s mostly Marula. Cold pressed. And that’s in all the products – the shampoo, the masque, all have MarulaOil in them. We’re also coming out with two stylers – a finishing serum and two stylers.

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What’s your best advice to curly girls to get their best results and love their curls?

Remember to use a wide tooth comb for God’s sake! And try Marula. It will out-perform anything else you’re using, I’m telling you.

What inspires you?

Being able to do things that will inspire millions and change people’s lives in some way. For instance, I just came out with this new line called Aubío. It’s plant based and it works to cure symptoms from all elements of the herpes simplex virus – cold sores, shingles, anything. You start feeling like you might get a cold sore, you put the Aubío on each hour and by the end of the day, it doesn’t even come out. That’s something the majority of the world needs, and I made sure that it’s sold at a price point people can afford. It was just released a couple weeks ago.

Anything else you’d like the NaturallyCurly community to know?

The world is not as bad a place as you think. It’s surprising, but it’s becoming better every day. Also, try Marula.




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