Black Friday is here and it’s time to dust off our credit cards and start scouting for the best deals. However as we’re paying more attention to self-care and investing in quality hair products, tools, and accessories that can truly elevate our beauty game, your shopping may not be based on quantity but quality. While it can be tempting to stock a cart full of 50 products during this annual season of discounts and sales, it may be time to put those hard earned dollars towards some much needed splurges with beauty brands who offer a higher price point than your standard natural hair care at a drugstore. There is no better time to treat yourself this season and you can start with these 10 natural hair splurges that you won’t feel guilty about. Trust us, your curls will thank you.

1. MONAT Scalp Purifying Scrub


If you’ve never used a scalp scrub before...this is the product to invest in. As naturalistas we know too well about product build up and it can be tough to truly get your scalp clean between washes. This scrub works to deeply cleanse, purify and soothe your hair and scalp, leaving your strands cleansed and refreshed. It doubles as a 2-in-1 scrub and shampoo is that is powered with natural and essential ingredients like Apple Cider Vinegar, Pink Clay, Superfruit AHAs, Vitamin B6 and more to help dissolve dead skin cells, stubborn product buildup and environmental pollutants that leave hair looking lackluster.

2. Sunday ll Sunday Moisture Balance Kit


If you have ever experienced post-workout hair sweat that usually ends with products running down your face, this is the kit for you. Sunday ll Sunday has created a line specifically created to put moisture and hydration back into your tresses whether you do yoga or HIIT workouts. This collection is an introduction to the brand that gives the staple essentials to revive your roots, nourish your edges, soothe your scalp, and moisturize your hair. A definite must-have to accompany your fitness goals and give you an easy set of products to compliment your pre/post workout sessions.

3. Briogeo Detox + Repair Scalp Shampoo + Hair Repair Mask


TLC has taken on a new meaning with this delightful duo that gives your scalp and hair love in one bundle. This limited edition bundle is the ultimate combination to soothe your scalp and provide a boost to dry strands which is much needed during this chilly season. This award-winning combination features ingredients like charcoal, coconut oil, and tea tree oil to help repair hair breakage and detoxify your scalp. There’s no better way to treat your scalp and curls with a bundle that will tackle multiple curly problems at once.

4. Olaplex Daily Cleanse & Condition Duo


Oh Olaplex, how we love you so. We’ve previously broken down the different Olaplex products and how they can help improve damaged hair. These two products are the perfect basics to help you cleanse and condition your hair that will start you on the path to hair repair. This features full size options so you are definitely getting the most bang for your buck because a little goes a long way with this fan favorite brand that stylists love just as much as customers. If you’ve never used Olaplex before this is a great introduction to the brand that allows your hair to strengthen and flourish.

5. Innersense Renew Texture Hair Ceremony

This organic beauty staple is shelling out the best of the best to help awaken, revive, and renew your curls from drab to fab. This bundle features a masque, conditioner, curl control, and shampoo to help address every naturalistas need. Key ingredients include coconut, shea butter, tamanu oil and a rich array of vitamins that will restore natural oils in the scalp instead of stripping them away.

6. High Definition Curl Brush

What’s better than one curl brush? How about a 2 in 1 combination that allows you to detangle and style your curls with ease. This patent-pending, dual-sided styling tool is specially designed to transform the look of curls, while enhancing the beauty of all hair types. The High Definition Curl Brush™ brings out the best in your texture by detangling, defining, and smoothing to perfection. Clear out those old bristled brushes and purchase a new and innovative way to style and define your curls with just one product.

7. Pattern Beauty Hair Tools Kit


This powerhouse toolkit is a must-have to tame those curls, coils, and textured curls from all angles. Pattern by Tracee Ellis Ross brings your tools that will help your dentagle, lift, and volumize your hair in a snap. Each of these combs are designed to help you expertly section, part, and detangle your curls from root to tip. They can be easily cleaned and used with wet or dry hair.

8. You Go Natural (YGN) Sleep Collection

YGN is rolling out a new way to treat your curls during bedtime with their sleep collection. This upgrade to the traditional sleep bonnet incorporates mulberry silk to help retain moisture and protect hair from damage. Each option features an adjustable strap that compliments any texture or curl type regardless of how wet or dry your hair is. They’re also sexy, sleek and functional, complementing any night-time, loungewear or WFH look!

9. Grace Eleyae Dark Gray Slouchy Warm Slap w/ Pom


The cold weather is here, but that doesn’t mean your curls have to suffer. Grace Eleyae is rolling out her newest edition of her popular “Slap” hair accessory with a beanie that offers more room, protection, and effortless style to compliment your outfit. This product is designed to help your curls, locs, and coils hydrated, healthy, and frizz-free in the cold weather. The time of sporting caps or hats that flatten your curls are gone with this satin-lined beanie that stretches with your curls.

10. Rezo Silk-lined Hoodie


You can toss out your boyfriend's hoodies because Rezo is upgrading this winter staple to complement your curls. This silk-lined hoodie is stylish, sleek, and features enlarged hoodies designed to work with your curls instead of flattening them. The terry-cloth design makes for a comfortable yet functional clothing option that can be worn during workouts, brunching, lounging, or on-the-go.