PHYTO SPECIFIC recently debuted their Curl Legend collection to a salon full of some of our favorite curly girls in New York City. Coral, also known as @curlswithcoral on Instagram, was in attendance to cover the event and share what she thinks of the line with all of the guests. Here's what she had to say about Curls & Cocktails.

Curltalk, amazing products and a glass of wine is how we were all greeted for "Curls and Cocktails". This event was presented by NaturallyCurly this past Thursday at the Mark Garrison Salon in New York City. Myself, Cristina Cleveland of NaturallyCurly, and over 30 of my favorite influencers attended to celebrate PHYTO SPECIFIC's own Curl Legend line. This PHYTO SPECIFIC Curl Legend line is 98% botanical and completely geared towards natural, curly hair!


There are 4 products in this line:

  1. Cleansing Care Cream: Can be used as a co-wash and is perfect for summertime, when you want to clean your hair after being in the sun all day but don’t want to apply any harsh shampoo. This product really does an amazing job at cleansing the scalp and not making it feel stripped from any natural oils. Finally, there’s a nozzle tip for an easy application (100 extra points for PHYTO!).
  2. Curl Energizing Spray: This is not your regular clear spray that sort of “holds” everything in place with a hard cast. This spray comes out with a really creamy consistency that works just like the perfect leave in. It’s super lightweight and you can also use it for days 2 and 3 to refresh your curls and keep them looking flawless.
  3. Gel-Creme: The perfect amount of hold to keep your curls soft and defined. You will have a slight cast after it’s dried but once you scrunch it out you will be left with really soft and bouncy curls. One of the main ingredients PHYTO uses for this product is Quinoa, which can be super moisturizing for curly hair.
  4. Baobab oil: A blend of oils made with baobab, shea, castor, roucou, and karanja oils. It can be used for your hair and body, so guess who’s gonna be glowing this summer! You can also use this oil as a pre-shampoo treatment or a leave-in treatment after your hair has dried. This blend also smells absolutely amazing!


We all received goodie bags filled with all of these amazing products. Even though I have been using the products for some time, just talking about all the product benefits had me super excited for my next wash and go. Also, these products are mainly plant derived, so you know what you're applying to your hair is nature's best!

Throughout the salon there were a few stations: a cocktail area, product display and discussion area, a scalp analysis station, and a dry styling station. In the scalp analysis area, a camera would be placed on your head to see the amount of buildup you have. Based on your analysis you would get suggestions on how to remove it and make your scalp healthier.


In the dry styling sessions, the stylists created some really beautiful hairstyles, anything from braids to up'dos using the products from the PHYTO SPECIFIC Curl Legend line.






I absolutely enjoyed this event. I really loved seeing curls from all types. From Type 2's to 4's and everything in between. Being in the same room with all these gorgeous women really makes me feel lucky to be part of this beautiful community.





Thank you so much to both PHYTO SPECIFIC and the NaturallyCurly team for this amazing opportunity, to come together for such a special occasion. Everyone had the best time and went home happy with a bag filled up with goodies! Can't wait for the next time :)

This post is sponsored by PHYTO SPECIFIC.