There’s a certain amount of good-natured curl envy that comes with attending a curly hair event, but we reached new heights at the Curls and Cocktails event hosted by PHYTO SPECIFIC and NaturallyCurly this month in New York City.

Curls, coils, and waves of all lengths, shapes, and styles mingled happily at Mark Garrison Salon in NYC where PHYTO SPECIFIC celebrated their Curl Legend line. The curl-focused line is full of botanical ingredients, 95 percent natural, and free of the silicones, mineral oils, parabens, and alcohols that many curlies avoid.


Natural hair influencer Coral, better known as @curlswithcoral, and I shared our thoughts on the Curl Legend line with attendees, who each went home with a bag of full-size products from the line. I just love when the goodie bag products are full size.

Attendees received the Cleansing Care Cream, Curl Energizing Spray, Curl Sculpting Cream Gel, and the Baobab Oil. I’ve used all of the products in the line, and especially appreciate how moisturized the Cleansing Care Cream leaves my curls and waves. It can be used as both a cleanser and a conditioner, and the pointed nozzle means that you can direct the product right at the root when cleansing. I wish more cleansers did that!


The Curl Legend Curl Energizing Spray is the refresher you’ve been looking for. It’s a light leave-in that revives curls and gives soft, touchable hold that won’t build up on day 3, 4, and beyond.

Cream gels are my personal styler of choice because they give you the curl definition of a gel with the moisture of a leave-in. PHYTO’s Curl Legend Curl Sculpting Cream Gel has the added benefit of nourishing proteins that deliver bouncy, defined curls. There’s no residue or sticky, crunchy cast most of us try to avoid in our stylers. 

Try using the Baobab Oil for your next pre-poo treatment. This 2018 Editors' Choice Award-winning formula is super moisturizing for your hair, scalp, and body, and the perfect addition to your summer routine. It works to protect your hair from sun damage, and PHYTO Educator Theadora Guzman even uses it on her arms and legs for that perfect summer glow.


Attendees reacting to the scalp analysis screen

Guzman also hosted one of the most popular parts of the event: the scalp analysis station. At NaturallyCurly, we talk all the time about the importance of scalp health as a foundation for healthy hair, but there’s nothing quite like seeing your scalp blown up on a computer screen to really drive this home. Using a tool that she placed on the scalp, Guzman could show attendees an extreme close-up view of their scalp on a computer screen and identify the level of buildup, dryness, or irritation that they may be dealing with. She also recommended ways they could improve their scalp health! Attendees also enjoyed having their hair dry styled in some of our favorite looks for summer.




In addition to free products, styling, and expert advice, one of the best parts of attending an event like this is the connections you make with fellow curlies. No matter where you are in your path to healthy curls, we can all use a boost of inspiration and a reminder that we’re not alone on this journey. Follow along and learn more about PHYTO SPECIFIC on Instagram at @PHYTOUSA.


This post is sponsored by PHYTO SPECIFIC.