There’s no one in the world that holds a candle to your one and only mom.


She’s not only the giver of life, the best at whipping up your favorite home cooked meals, and the bearer of absolute truths when you need advice. Oh, no! She’s much more

She’s your Style Maven!


She was the very first person to show you how to properly tie your shoelaces into a bow and then into a double knot. Her keen fashion sense compelled her to buy those sparkling, ocean blue Jellies that would match oh, so perfectly with your pinstriped overalls.

She’s also the person that styled your hair in her own image. Even if you hated it, when you think back on it now, you smile because you know that all momma wanted to make her baby look good for school, church, and going to the grocery store because you can’t walk outside the house looking like she didn’t even try to dress you.

In honor of this incredibly special human being, NaturallyCurly Editors uplifted their moms through the power of hairstyling!

You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll think to yourself, “Oh, goodness… Would I ever recreate my mom’s hairstyle?!

?Wasn’t that the absolute cutest thing ever?

Are you feeling the love? Great! Share it with your mom for Mother’s Day! This is our gift to you and your mom because, well, we think you’re great and want to add one more gift to your Mother’s Day caboodle.


Are you excited for Mother’s Day 2018? What are you planning to do for your mom (other than share this super cute video with her”>? Tell us in the comments!

As ever, stay curly!

Akshay Joshi

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