Kim Coles has decided to embrace her natural hair and is asking women who join her to blog about the experiences, joys and frustrations of their natural hair journey. Share your story now!

Kim Coles

Kim Coles has decided to embrace her natural hair—and encourages you to do the same

Up for a challenge?, in collaboration with comedienne, actress, motivational speaker and newly natural Kim Coles, has launched the six-month long 2011 Grow-Out Challenge, sponsored by Jessicurl, an international product line catering to the curly haired community.

The 2011 Grow-Out Challenge evolved from Kim Coles’s decision to embrace her natural hair, and has become an extension of her self-empowering passion project, in which she is asking all women to open their G.I.F.T.S.—Gratitude, Intention, Forgiveness, Triumphs and Self-Love. Those who accept the challenge are encouraged to blog about their grow-out experiences now.

Each month of the challenge, Jessicurl will select three lucky entrants to receive a Personal Hair Prescription as well her Confidence Collection, which includes the following products: Hair Cleansing Cream, Confident Coils, Too Shea! Extra Moisturizing Conditioner and a Weekly Deep Conditioning Treatment. Winners also receive a Kim Coles G.I.F.T. tote bag. Over the six-month period, Jessicurl will give $4000 worth of products to 18 lucky participants. The finale of the challenge will feature a live broadcast of Kim Coles—along with thousands of nationwide participants—celebrating the accomplishments of embracing their true natural hair.

Curly Nikki and Comedienne Extraordinaire Kim Coles Challenge You to Grow Out & Embrace Your Natural Hair

Start blogging about your natural hair journey now!


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54 African American mother of 22 year old Italian/African American daughter, residing in Europe since 1987, and finally, after wearing my hair in braids for years(Guadeloupian braider), am divining in the pleasures of my coils...Wow!!!!...the possibilities...I have a cottony crown that is absoluteyl glorious!!!Folk admire my coils(So many sisters here in Europe are masking the naps! I feel regal when I walk and I smile. Uncle Funky's Daughter's products are assisting me on this wondrous journey. During a recent health challenge in which I was unable to lift my left arm, I resorted back to braids, but now, by the grace of God, my health is stabilizing, and I once again take pleasure in the ritual of the comb, the brush, the gel, the mirror, the me.... the wonders of me, as I am. I don't feel no ways tired..Our daughter loves the products also...I will be stateside on Monday, December 12th and can't wait to stock up on hair products...Could someone suggest one or two new ones that I might try? A Sister in Europe

I have naturally curly hair, recently I was getting it wash ans set. now the front of my hair wont curl. it's wavy, big waves almost straight. what can I do to get it back like the rest of my hair?