We have now firmly entered into the fall season, and our hair might be starting to show some signs of the change as well.

While it is certainly not necessary to change every single step or product in your current curly hair routine, there are a few things that can be done during the fall season to help curls cope with cooler, drier weather, and increased static. Here are some of our top suggestions to keep your healthy curls this fall.

Remember your seasonal clarifier!

Build-up comes in many different forms, not just from your styling products. Pollution, styling product, sea salt, and even chlorine can all dirty your scalp and cause your curls to become lifeless and limp. Do not forget to clarifying, as this will remove all of your build-up and easily allow your curls to accept the moisture you are trying to give them. If sulfates are a big no-no for your routine, there are some effective sulfate-free clarifiers available such as SheaMoisture Sacha Inchi Clarifying Shampoo.

Remember your deep conditioner!

A deep conditioner is an important part of all-year round healthy hair care, but with the drier days comes an importance of making sure this step does not get set on the back burner. Deep conditioners come in many shapes and sizes. Some curlies prefer DIY masks with ingredients easily found in the home while others prefer store-bought options. Whichever route you decide to go, remember to do this step once a week during the fall.

Remember your night cap!

Now we are more prone than ever for receiving static in the air, so it is important to protect our curls at night in order to beat frizz for pretty second day hair. If you do not like wearing a scarf on your head at night or move around too much, switch out your cotton pillow case for a satin option. Then, put curls up into a pineapple.

Remember your oil!

This is one product that is a fall and winter must for sealing perfection after styling and drying curly hair. Wearing more layers in the cooler months requires scarves that are brushing past our hair and causing frizz, so by using a little oil beforehand, we can leave the house with a dryness buffer.

Remember your haircut!

Even for us who are trying to grow out our hair, getting regular cuts are an important part of keeping your hair healthy.  Fall is a great time to plan on a routine trim to make sure the curls are their healthiest before being subjected to dry winds and static hats–AKA split ends that worsen or cause breakage.


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