As the season changes, so do many of the needs of our wavy and curly textured hair. 

With fall just beginning, many of us have started to notice that our summer routine might not be working as well as it once had. The thought of having to go out and buy all new products for every season change can make our wallet silently scream--thankfully, there are some easy ways to bring an end to your summer regimen and swing into fall with minimal effort.

1. End the summer with clarity.

After many trips to the beach or pool--or just the tons of sunscreen--your hair is probably in need of a clarification to get back on track. By removing all the build-up, your head of curls will be ready for the fall season with a clean slate and nothing holding them down.

2. Don't rinse out all of your rinse-out conditioner.

The ending of summer humidity means your hair can now handle an extra bit of moisture without weighing down your texture. Use your normal conditioner with a protein-packed styler for additional frizz defense and definition.

3. Multiply your normal deep conditioning sessions.

Even though most of us always have a deep conditioner on hand during every season, fall might require a few extra sessions in the month. Just apply heat and oil to your deep conditioning masque, covering your head with a shower cap to help absorption.

4. Use more moisturizing styler and less gel.

Once the air starts becoming drier, your frizz happens from a whole 'nother source--a lack of moisture. To increase the level of your moisturizing styler with products you already have in your stash, decrease the amount of gel you use on your crown when plopping.

5. Start using a leave-in conditioner as a styler.

If you are finding that you are still having straw feeling hair with the fall weather you can add in a heavier leave in conditioner.  A leave-in conditioner can sometimes be too heavy in the more humid summer months so during the fall it can be a necessary part of your routine.

Fall is here and you can rest easy knowing that you don’t have to pay another arm and a leg for completely new hair products. By trying your current product arsenal in new or different ways, you can maintain textured hair that looks and feels healthy as ever.