Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez

Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez are working with Kohl's to launch a clothing line.

I just caught wind of a curly celebrity power couple launching a line for Kohl's, and of course, we are more than intrigued. Then we found out it was Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony. Talk about a career overhaul! It was a little strange that the recluse pop singer was suddenly cast on "American Idol," then she puts out a less-than-impressive album, and now she is branding herself as a household name. Whoever her publicist is, she should be getting paid double.

I love the strangeness of this curly-haired duo, and who doesn't adore their beautiful curly offspring? But am I the only one who remembers the fashion disaster that once was Ms. Lopez? Think back to the strange relationship with Diddy (who was then called Puff Daddy for those of you who don't remember), which had her wearing saggy man pants and crop-top wife beaters. I also believe there were some corn rows involved. Not that I'm bagging on corn rows, but they are not a good look on JLo. Granted, she has been looking a whole helluva lot better these days, but that should be credited to the "American Idol" stylists who are dressing her.

The new line is supposed to launch this fall, and she is dedicating herself to housewares (look for rhinestone throw pillows?), and he will provide a sportswear line (Marc Anthony doesn't exactly scream jock to me). Any way you slice it, I will be waiting with bated breath to either make more fun of it, or put my tail between my legs and admit my wrongs.